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Saturday, 29 July 2006

Family Photos

I have put some photos of Isabella and my trip to Germany on the Blog I did for Catherine and Flo's wedding. The link is in the side bar for other blogs.

Thursday, 27 July 2006


I haven’t had much spare time since I returned from Germany and I’ve found it impossible to keep up with my favourite Journals here in J Land.


I was finishing off a couple of family histories that I had promised for a number of newly discovered relatives. I also met up with one of them, which was a very pleasurable experience. But the work took many hours a day.


Also I haven’t been well for the last month, added to that my Mother has been in hospital for a couple of weeks, so it’s all been a bit difficult really.


Anyway Mum is improving and I am at last recovering. So let’s hope I can draw a line under the last couple of months and get back into my old routine.


My granddaughter was born on 14th June 2006 and she has been named Isabella Rose, a very pretty name for a pretty little girl. She weighed nearly 7 pounds and apart from a touch of jaundice has been a healthy baby.






I shall be going back for a week long visit in the middle of August, which means I will be there for Catherine’s 30th Birthday.


Apart from the ill health, life has continued here in George Mansions in much the usual way.


Harper Dog is on valium and anti depressants for his senility. I think I may start sharing them with him.


The chickens are becoming more thuggish than ever. If we eat in the garden they attack us and try to get to our plates and last night they did the most unspeakable thing, which made me feel ill...... I say it’s unspeakable but I will write it down.


They found a frog and ripped it to bits and ate it! They’re grounded today; I’m not letting them out of their ark, as I do not want to witness that sort of carnage in my back garden. Speaking of which, it’s got completely out of hand. I’m going to start tours to the lost gardens of George Mansions, a guide essential. Cream Teas available!


Mike rang me this morning to say he’d been contacted by the present owner of the farmhouse in Gloucestershire, which I mentioned in an earlier entry. It is the farm Mike’s family lived in when the 1841 Census was taken. This gentleman has very kindly offered to show us round the farm, so we will take him up on his offer soon.


It’s amazing, the power of the Internet, his son discovered the entry in my Blog and told his father about it and as Mike is broadcasting from Gloucester this week, he was able to track Mike down at the radio station and give him a ring.


We’ve just discovered Lily Allen, who was number one in the charts for a couple of week with a song called Smile. Now I know her lyrics are sometimes a bit rude and the odd F word in there but her voice is delightful and fresh sounding. The stories she tells are funny but considering she is only 21, she must have lived quite a bit to know so much. I wonder what she would think if she knew two of her biggest fans are a pensioner and his 53-year-old wife? My mother would be disgusted at us for listening to such bawdiness but then she’s 78 this year, so I suppose it would be a bit much for her.


There’s just the one picture of Isabella here. I shall add a new entry as a follow on to Catherine & Flo’s wedding, with pictures of where they live and lots more of the family.