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Monday, 6 August 2007

The German Invasion

I just wrote this entry without any photos and decided it looks dull without any pictures. Here's one from my vast collection, someone mentioned it this week> These days it's mainly old people's bungalows, surrounding a park. A fitting name you might think. Apparently not. It originally got its name from when it was full of hovels inhabited by poverty-stricken Miners. A classic examples of Black Country Humour.




First of all, thanks for all the lovely comments and good wishes. We’re just about dried out enough know to walk down the garden without boots but I don’t feel up to starting on the clearing up yet, it makes me want to cry every time I have to go down there, I’m not sure I can summon up the energy to even make a start.

My greenhouse is intact, amazingly but is a sight to behold, there won’t be any tomatoes or cucumbers this year and as for the runner beans, I think the two rows have about 14 leaves between them. We’ll just have to write off this year, although I think we may still have some apples, despite having been submerged for a while.

One thing I won’t write about but will mention as a reminder to myself. I’ve seen one neighbour in a new light and it isn’t very flattering at all. I find it hard to believe how grasping and inconsiderate some Church Goers can be, which probably explains why I stopped going some time ago.

I will put some photos on when I have a bit more spare time but the last two weeks have been taken up with Airport Runs (delayed flight!!). Painting and cleaning Catherine’s new home. Clearing their very overgrown garden, which unlike mine, isn’t covered in mud, entertaining Flo’s Dad & friend, who came over in the Removal Van and now, I'm unpacking. And throughout all that time helping to deal with a confused, overtired, teething, frustrated (because she can’t quite walk yet) 13 month old Isabella. I’ve discovered new depths of tiredness. I now fully understand the expressions ‘Tired to Death’ and 'Sick and Tired’. I really did think at times I was either going to die or throw up.

I’ve just been catching up on my favourite journals, well I’m still in the middle of it if I’m honest and I had to stop at one of Dawn's hundred’s of entries for the last week. Lol! (Slow down girl, I can’t keep up). Dawn likes Memes, now I’m not a great fan but I do enjoy some and I just had to try this one out.

You take your christian name and Google it with the word ‘needs’, as in ‘Linda Needs‘. You then put the first ten results with those words in your Journal. The first one was about playing this game, so I’ve ignored that one, here are the next ten.

1.To really thrive, Linda needs to be a part of a loving, committed marriage

Yes, I have to agree there, pity I had to pick two duffers first!

2.Linda Needs Mental Help. At one point I offered to smack her!

Yes, I can relate to that, I can be a bit odd at times.

3.Linda needs a new best friend. She had some kind of falling out with her old best friend

No, can’t agree with that one, I have several close friends that I like to spend time with, can’t say I have a favourite. In fact it’s just occurred to me that I do different things with each of them. I don’t think one best friend could provide such a fulfilling friendship and even stranger, I don’t think they would all get on together if I took them all out one day. This is quite a complex thought and not one I’ve considered before.

4.I've heard from Linda and the kids back in Haiti, and we really need your prayers

Hmmm! Can’t really comment on that.

5.Linda Needs a Manufacturer. ... Linda needs help... Comments

Yes, I need someone to manufacture me lots of money and some help in the garden wouldn’t go amiss.

6.And while lighting on Linda needs to be bright, lighting on the LCD screen needs to be subdued....

Oh no, can’t agree with this one. Linda needs to be seen by subdued light, bright light is NOT good!

7.Linda needs to provide various reports on her managed systems.

Do I?

8.I know you are pointing out the double standard that the press applies but Linda needs to be gone...

Well that’s nice!

9.Linda needs to create an image from a host server running an Oracle home to new target servers in...

Could you run that one by me again?

10.Looks like Linda needs just about $1K now. ... I will post a photo of Linda later and then I bet...

I will willing post a photo of me, in the nude if required, if every viewer is going to send me a £1,000.

Mike’s working up in Shropshire this week and that means late dinner, which I had better go and make a start on.

I’ll be back with photos soon.