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Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Mercian Gathering

I can see this Blog falling into disuse, I don't have the time, or the interest anymore. It was so different when we had our AOL J-Land. But time moves on, things change and as someone who always looks back on the past with rose tinted spectacles, it probably isn't surprising that I found myself, again, camping in a field in Warwickshire, celebrating the Old Ways and the Old Gods. Only of course this was without any of the unpleasant practices from way back when.

The Gathering is a gloriously happy weekend with like minded, organic, often veggie, music loving, people loving escapists, who for three days can dress as oddly as they like, put flowers in their hair and chat away until the early hours of the morning, with people they never met before.

One young man insisted on walking me back to my tent, even though it was only 20 feet away and thanked me for making their evening. I have no idea how I did that but it probably made my year! It's just that sort of event, I suppose it's a throw back to 1968, The Summer of Love.

My sister has already told me she is planning to go next year and I think we may need to get in early with our tickets because 2010 will be the sixth year and I think word will be spreading.

Here is a little taste of the times I had my camera with me. The music is from Endless Knot, who are fabulous live. They got me dancing for two hours last year in my wellies. This year I was in flip-flops, next year, who knows but they have been invited back. I can''t wait.