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Saturday, 8 April 2006











I seem to have entered a reflective period in my life. I don’t know if it’s the huge forthcoming change in my status in becoming a grandmother in a couple of months, but I think it’s more than that. I seem to be comparing the person I was, with the person I am now.


Forgotten memories keep flooding into my mind, so much so that I seem to have trouble paying attention to the here and now. I wonder if the change has anything to do with the alteration I made to my diet, after I found I had been suffering from an illness that makes starch & sugar virtually poison to me. Whatever the reason it’s interesting, as is the return of something resembling a waistline. If I could just manage to cut out wine completely I think I would see a huge difference. The problem with wine is the sugar and yeast content. Within minutes of having a sip the palpitations are back. Make mental note to self SAY NO!




Wednesday was probably the best weather we’ve had so far this year and Mike and I decided to spend the afternoon gardening. I was given a tray of Cowslips last summer but the ground was so dry and hard, I couldn’t plant them down in my little Wild Garden.


This week the soil was just right for working and I got them planted alongside the Primroses and Snakes Head Fritillaries. The Bluebells are showing now and the area is under some lovely Silver Birch trees, which give dappled shade in the summer but the leaves aren’t quite bursting through yet.


Abigail and Emily thought it was great entertainment and kept scratching around where I was digging, hoping for a nice juicy morsel to be uncovered.


Other trees are started to show leaf. Catherine’s Horse Chestnut, growing down by the brook, looks as if it is sprouting alien life forms at present. She grew the tree from a conker when she was about seven years old. For years it lived in a pot, so wasn’t able to grow much, then about four years ago I decided to plant it by the brook, in the hope that it will grow into a lasting legacy for later owners of this house. I hope we are still here for Catherine’s daughter to come and see the tree her mum grew.


I was hoping to hear Simon will be back in the country for Easter but we haven’t heard anything yet, so I’m not too hopeful now.


A friend sent me this picture with an Easter Greeting. I found it amusing but perhaps that’s my weird Black Country sense of humour.




It’s the Grand National this afternoon but I won’t be watching, or placing a bet. I used to do both but I can’t cope with the death of such beautiful creatures anymore. I’m sure more die now than used to.


About 20 years ago I worked for an Insurance Broker who specialised in ‘Bloodstock’

Insurance. We insured a horse called West Tip, he was with a local trainer. West Tip was very fancied to win the race in local circles and we had to increase his sum insured in time for the race. I was talking to the trainer’s wife the day before and she said if the going remained the same he would win. I put a bet on him and he won. I was very excited but I just don’t have the same feeling about horse racing now.


We went up to our local pub last night and shortly after we arrived Mike T came in. We really like Mike T, he is so funny, in a slightly manic way.


I don’t know why, but my Mike and Mike T have started this thing of laughing hysterically at each other when they meet up. Considering one is in his 60’s and the other his mid 40’s, it is a bit strange. I’m not sure what it’s all about but it usually amuses the other locals. Any strangers think they have come to a mad house.


When they had calmed down Mike T told us a joke, which he got completely wrong, so it took ages but I shall record the correct version here, as I can never remember jokes and I thought this one was funny.


Two pieces of Tarmac went into a bar and ordered drinks. One was a piece of Country Road Tarmac, the other was a piece of Motorway Tarmac. They got into an argument about their various properties and which was the harder of the two.


The Motorway Tarmac was insistent that he was the hardest because of all the juggernauts he had to carry.


Then a third piece of Tarmac came into the bar and ordered a drink. This new Tarmac was Red.


Motorway Tarmac ran outside. Country Tarmac followed and asked why he had run away, seeing as he thought he was harder than anyone else.


Motorway replied, “ I am hard but that Red Tarmac is a CyclePath!


The other joke I can remember is: -


How do you make a duck into a singer? Put him in the Microwave until his Bill Withers!


Our new neighbours blocked up the sewers, they are flushing things they shouldn’t down the toilet. So Thursday afternoon was spent unblocking it as they had caused a blockage just below our manhole inspection cover. What a smell! I can honestly say I know a bit more about their business than I wanted to!


The Dyson blew up yesterday, which follows the washing machine from last month and now my hairdryer sounds at half speed and keeps overheating. Why do these things all happen together?


I was amazed to find the replacement Dyson I wanted was available for a hundred pounds less from Tesco Online than it is from Argos or Curry’s, I shall remember that in future.


We broke up from school yesterday for two weeks. We now know that our Head Teacher was successful in getting the job of Head for the new school, when we merge with the infants in September.  I feel a little more confident now in keeping my job. She said on Thursday in a meeting with the other teaching assistants that I walk on water when it comes to computer skills, so I think I’m well in there.


As it is my birthday during the holidays I left school with a pile of cards, presents and flowers. It’s always nice to know you are appreciated.






xleeleexf said...

i have to say that picture of that cactus is rather strange, it looks like something i have seen in films that starts to move and opens up to eat you :S
x lee x

arrmandadams said...

I found the easter card funny too, i wish i had chickens but maybe one day when i a millionair plumber i get a cock too!

Indiana bones

lindaggeorge said...

You're not a child of nature are you Lee? lol.

It's not a cactus, it's the bud of a Horse Chestnut tree, just opening. When they swell up just prior to opening, they are covered in large, shiny, sticky scales, hence their nickname of Sticky Buds.

That's the end of today's Nature lesson children.  x

lindaggeorge said...

Sorry to hear about your problem Indy lol.

bobandkate said...

Your garden looks lovely. I think that spring is a great time of year. Unfortunately it is very late in Scotland this year. Although it is sunny to-day, we have also had snow showers. Enyjoy the Easter break and your birthday.

beckiepainton said...

Im sorry to start this wierd coincidence thing again but my birthday is in the holidays too- its not April the 15th by any chance?!!!Beckie.

lindaggeorge said...

No, sorry Beckie it's not. I have to admit it is the 20th. Which means I share my birthday with Adolph Hitler!!! Aren't you glad that's not your birthday?

beckiepainton said...

Yes im glad although I share mine with the sinking of the Titanic so im not sure which is worse!!!Beckie.

debbiewebb4465 said...

WOW Linda you have a beautiful garden !! Love Emily and Abilgail and Catherine's tree ~ lovely pics :-) Have seen the bunny funny ~ good isn't it LOL
big hugs ~x Debbie x~

xleeleexf said...

Hi, thanks for the comment on my journal. Although me and todd arent married, four years is a long time yea :) Marriage is something that I hope will happen in the coming years

chunkichick said...

Love the easter card Linda, tittered over it for hours!!! certainly appeals to me too so maybe we are just both a little twisted! LOL

wrigleyrachey said...

Hi, I hate watching the grand national also...being a horse lover..problem is, if they break a leg, the insurence is worth more than the poor horse.

suzy010273 said...

COOL Photo's Loving it. Keep it up Linda.