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Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Travelling Mum.

Hardly any time to get anything done!


I went down to Plymouth on Monday morning, to stay with Simon and see his new apartment.


It’s about a three and a half hour drive from here. I set off fairly early and arrived at half past ten, I went through rain and fog and there was an accident near Bristol. But it was worth the trip, I had a lovely time.


It’s an amazing place to live and the views are wonderful. This entry is mainly for family who live elsewhere and want to see some photos, of course, anyone is welcome to see the pictures but I warn you, the views might make you a bit envious. I didn’t want to come home but on a grey, wet day, it might not be so appealing.


One of the other residents sits out on one of the benches every afternoon, just reading, chatting to people who pass by and sipping a glass or two ofwine,while enjoying the sea view and air. I think I could put up with that for a few months.


It’s amusing when the tour boats pass by and over the loudspeaker you will hear “ And this is the Royal William Yard, until the 1960’s, it was the Stores for the Royal Navy. It is now being converted into luxury apartments.” Simon quite likes being a tourist attraction!


On Tuesday we took my car and went on the Torpoint Ferry over to Cornwall, what a bargain, free to go and £1 to return.


I think the Cornish are in fact Aliens from another planet. For a start they talk another language and their place names are bizarre, to say the least. How about living in Narkurs? I have never seen so many middle aged men with ponytails and wearing kaftans or smock type clothing, is it where all the hippies went after the 60’s?.


I must go, as I’m of to Germany this afternoon, more pictures after then.


ally123130585918 said...

Simons new apartment is absolutely lovely ~ and the views really are wonderful ~ wouldn't mind one of those myself (the apartment that is) ~ the picture of the Jelly fish looked like something from outer space lol ~ Ally

jeadie05 said...

Oh Linda Iwant to paddle too ,then go back to stay in that delightful apartment ,what a lovely place and then off to Cornwall ,I love Cornwall ,and cream teas and pastys ,lol at the caftan and pigtails .......Jan xx

paul177600 said...

Hi Linda
What an amazing apartment, it's gorgeous, he must love living there.
Thanks for your comment and support with Danny, he really has had us worried sick the last two years, hopefully now with the right help he can start again, if it comes to it we'll find him somewhere out of his home town to live.
Have a great trip to Germany, give your little grand-daughter lots of hugs, my grandson is almost walking and he's not nine months til the 12th, bless him lol, Kerry

beckiepainton said...

I totaly agree with you, some parts of cornwall seem so different from what i call 'normal life' We went to Bude 2 years ago for a holiday and it was the strangest place ive ever been, stunning scenery but every day is like groundhog day, it was like stepping back to 1980, big/strange hair and shoulder pads!!Plymouth looks lovely, your son is so lucky!!Beckieboo.Good luck in Germany!

nixxietrue said...

Hi what a gorgeous baby. I am really enjoying reading your journal. Hugs Charline x

debbiewebb4465 said...

LMAO at people from Cornwall are aliens !!!! I go down to Cornwall fairly often to see Mart's boys ~ it takes me hours to work out what they're saying!!!! I tend to just nod and smile a lot ~ a bit like the cornish really lol !! Photo's lovely, no wonder you had such a great time!
lotsa love Debbie ~xxxx~

wldconnie said...

I am glad you like my home town of Plymouth. It is a beautiful city isn't it but it did have the advantage of losing all its slums during the war when it was bombed out. After the war the city had to start again. I now live in lancashire but my brother lives there and my mum did until she died in may. I have found your journal through Jan. It is very interesting. If you want to visit me feel free. Love conniex