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Saturday, 20 January 2007

Nothing Much This Week

I seem to be suffering from writer’s block today, I want to get my weekly entry done but can’t think of anything much that happened.


The week flew by, as usual and of course the weather was a talking point. We were lucky here and didn’t suffer any damage from the wind, nor did we lose our electricity.


On Thursday Mike picked me up from school and we drove straight up to Shropshire, where Mike had arranged to interview a lady for his gardening programme. We then popped back down the M54 to Ikea where we bought some new bathroom fittings.


That reminds me of one of the things we’ve been doing this week, redecorating the bathroom. Not my favourite thing, decorating. At least it’s a small room, so shouldn’t take to long. Although the last time we did it I also re-tiled and it took 18 months because I got fed up with it.


After Ikea we went back to Shropshire, to my sister’s. Mike hadn’t seen their new house yet and we stayed for dinner. Venison casserole, which was very nice, preceded by prawn and avocado and finished off with a coffee and chocolate mouse. All of which was very good. Although, how could I say otherwise? She reads this! No, really, it was very good.


The journey up the motorway had been rather scary because of the wind. We saw some Lorries that had had their curtain sides blown out and the MD of Birmingham Airport was killed by a fallen tree at Bridgnorth, just a few minutes from where we were.


Coming back the wind had dropped and I took the cross country route that we find to be the quickest way.I was weird, from the time we left Shifnal untilwe reached just outside Worcester, the only place with electricity was Kidderminster. All of the villages we passed through were in darkness, with candles in many of the windows. It must be a journey of about 40 miles and so gives an idea of the scale of the power cuts.


Simon is looking to arrange the wedding for later this year, so two important issues there. I need to get some money saved up and I really need to lose some weight. That should be an interesting event. My ex husband will have to speak to me. Lets hope that doesn’t choke him and he and Catherine will (unless one of them is going to be silly about it) see each other for the first time in about 8 years. They never actually fell out, just stopped making contact and although he was invited to Catherine’s wedding he didn’t feel he could make it. So, that could be an interesting day. I would love him to see his only grandchild, so I’m hoping they can both be adult about it.


On the subject of babies, I hear today that eating Trans fats reduces a woman’s fertility by more than 70%, I’d better make sure I stop eating it now. I think thingsmay be a little different soon in George Mansions.

Mike received some unsolicited Junk Mail and it could be I will have to give up writing my Journal soon due to lack of time.


Apparently there is this herbal supplement that will and I quote,

“Re-activate glands and other organs which had practically gone to sleep. You (Mike) will feel as if he has just bathed in the Fountain of Youth and will be able to give his partner (ME) 10, 15 or even 20 orgasms a week “!!!!!!!!


One 72 year old is quoted as say “I’m having sex whenever I feel like it! Almost every day! My wife shrieks with pleasure. She’s crazy for sex now and she does things that she never wanted to do”……What, like mow the lawn? Or change the oil in the car?


Oh, please!!!! Can you imagine living next door to a 72 year old couple who are on a daily basis shrieking with sexual pleasure?


So if I don’t write on here again, you’ll know what I’m doing. Anybody want the address?






jeadie05 said...

I thought that was a serious comment about giving up your journal till I read on hee hee ..though ,it might be a way to lose weight , ha haa second thoughts nahh lol .love Jan xx

jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:) stay warm


ukgal36 said...

LOL!! This was a very funny entry and just what I needed this morning! Ewww @ the old age pensioners going at it though!

midwestvintage said...

  Well I hear it IS really good exercise and I am been really slacking lately, LOL


ally123130585918 said...

LOL that was a funny entry loved reading it ~ sounds like you have been pretty busy ~ and that meal you had sounded lovely I have never had venison ~ I don't even want to imaginge those 72 year olds shrieking with sexual pleasure ~ Ally

princesssaurora said...

Oh my... thanks for the laugh!  I think relaxing and petting the kitty was a better idea!  lol  I hope that the wedding plans for Simon go smoothly and all goes well with the ex!  Glad you were ok with all that wild wind!  We are having a bit of that now over here in NJ in the states.

be well,

bobandkate said...

What a laugh Linda! If you disappear from J'land I'll know it worked. For some one suffering from writer's block you certainly wrote an entertaining entry. Have a good week!

susanebunn said...

Oh Linda, how funny!  I really needed that today, too!  Yes, running into ex's at weddings are classic.  You'll have plenty to write about then, won't you?  By the way, the picture is of Pennsylvania.  So you were pretty close on that one!  


beckiepainton said...

hey dont forget sex is great exercise, then you could eat what you want and still loose weight!!By the way Marks mum started twisting me round the floor after she did it to her mum who is 72!!Keep an eye out for the vid of that!!Beckie.xx

wldconnie said...

What a laugh .......there is hope for me yet! I cannot imagine being that keen at 72! Still sex is supposed to be excellent exercise and my bladder problems can be improved by pelvic floor exercises! Good luck! Love Conniex

wobblymoo said...

Lol, send me the address NOW!!!