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Thursday, 1 February 2007

Not a Proper Entry

It's been two weeks since my last confession. Sorry, I mean entry!

I have very little to write about. Nothing much seems to have happened, except today I've gone down with a cold, which is just typical as we are going out for dinner and the theatre tomorrow and a big family dinner party on Saturday.  I hurt everywhere and feel awful. Somehow, although I don't seem to have done much I haven't had any spare time. 

So, to save my aching head I'm going to do an ABC Meme this week (whatever that means) that I've been tagged with by several friends.  I'm feeling thoroughly wretched so if it's a bit 'warts and all' you'll have to excuse me.


A     Apple or PC?

PC, a constant source of, mine’s better than yours arguments, with my sister’s partner as they are Apples.

B     Banking... online or in person, and if in person, drive thru or inside the bank?

Don’t do banking online, as all my bills are paid by direct debit and if I want cash I get it from an ATM. Drive thru banking???? Over here we’d call that a Ram Raid!

C     Coffee and Chocolate!  The two most important 'C's  Favorites please.

Bit of a coffee Tart, I’ll try anything. Lindt is my favourite named brand but you can’t beat going to Belgium and trying all the handmade chocolates in the little shops there.


D     Dogs.  Do you have one?  If yes, what kind and it's name and why you named it that.  If no, then if you had one what kind would you choose?

No, not now. Ours died last month. He was called Harper because he had red/blonde hair, the same as many of my Harper family.


E     Elvis.  There was only one.  Favorite song, and if you ever or your parents ever, saw him live.

Living in England, no, I never saw him. Favourite songs…Suspicious Minds and Burning Love.

F     Flowers.  Do you have a favourite to receive and/or a favourite to give?

Tricky one this, I really like mixed bunches, like a slice of an old English country garden, with lots of scents. The sort of bunch you only get from expensive flowers shops.

G     Grandparents, do you have any left and if you are one, to how many?

One Grandfather died the year before I was born, which was sad, as he was desperate for a granddaughter but had six grandsons when he died. Both my grandmothers died in my early teens. My remaining grandfather died in the early 80’s. We went to visit his second wife after his death. I promise, I had told the children. When we got in the car to come home after the visit Catherine asked where Grandpa was. I said, I told you Catherine, he died. Three year old Simon piped up “He’s DEAD! Who shot him?”

I’m a Grandma. Two of Mike’s and one of my own.

H     Handy or call for help?

I’m fairly handy and will have a go at most things but that’s my tight Scottish blood coming out, I don’t like paying for things I can do myself.

I     IOU's any out there to a person, a friend or family?

I don’t owe anything but I am the Bank of Mum and if my kids ever pay me back I’m going on a cruise.

J     Jello.  Love it?  Hate it?  Favorite flavor?  With whipped cream or cool whip or neither?

I presume this means Jelly. If you Americans are going to use our language, I wish you would do it properly! LOL! And, for goodness sake learn how to say Aluminium properly. It’s not Alooominum.

Jelly? Only in a trifle with lots of Sherry soaked cake and custard. For that it must be Raspberry.

K     Kiss.  Do you remember your first real kiss?  Where, who?

I’m cross to discover I’ve forgotten his name but it was 39 years ago. It was at a local boy’s boarding school and I still remember the musky smell of him. I’m afraid that was the death of my, already terminally ill, interest in things academic. My brain didn’t surface above sexual urges for another 10 years.

L     Language.  Do you speak any others?  Fluently or a little?

I remember a little French from before sex got the better of me. I also have a Masters in Obscene and all the rude Anglo Saxon words.

M     Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?

No, I can honestly say I never fancied either of them.

N     Neighbors.  Do you know their names?  Occupations?  Phone numbers?  Or not?

I know well the two houses, to the left and the right. They are all lovely and there is sharing of gardening chores and feeding each others cats when we go away. Over the the road is another matter. There we have Mr Nasty. So called for the night he was drunk and was hanging out of his bedroom watching my daughter park her Mini. He came running out, fell over and said if she touched his F...ing, he’d F…ing kill her. Oh yes, I’ve got his number alright!

O     Olympics.  Do you watch?  Which is your favourite winter or summer?

Not very keen on either but I have to say there is a certain amusement factor in what some of the male athletes have in their lycra body suits, especially in the slow motion replays. My only ever big interest was the beautiful, Welsh hurdler, Colin Jackson, one of the loveliest men on TV. When we lived in South Wales we used to see him at the Supermarket.

P    Pluto.  What is your take on the planet being downgraded? 

I thought that was a bit mean, was it hurting anyone?

Q   Quiche.  Have you ever had it?  Do you like it and what is your favorite?

I don’t eat pastry much, so not a big fan.


  Refrigerator.  Name three things in your refrigerator that you think are unusual.

Nothing really, although I suppose I’m in the minority with eggs laid just outside the dining room window.

S     Safari.  Have you ever been to Africa on one?  A theme park version?

I’ve only been to North Africa, so no Safaris there. We have a Safari Park just a few miles from where I live which has White Tigers and once we went to a wedding reception in the Georgian Mansion there. As the manager was a friend he laid on some extras and I got to hold a lion cub. I can’t describe how wonderful that was.

T     Telescope.  Have you ever looked thru a telescope? 

Not a really big one.

U     Umbrella.  Do you have one and what is its design?

A black one, suitable for all occasions and folds up so tiny that it’s been in the bottom of my handbag for three weeks and I thought I’d lost it. I also have a cheap white and turquoise polka dot one that I bought in a storm in Germany. It's very good for lacerating fingers.

V     Vintage.  Do you have a favorite wine to share?  Or drink?

I usually like Chilean Merlots and for champagne I prefer Verve Clicquot (I drink it but not sure I can spell it) 

W     Willies.  What gives you the willies?  You know, that shudder you can't stop? 

 Nothing these day. 

X     X-ray.  Last one?  What body part and why?

Bone scan of hips and thighs, yes old age is catching me up!

Y     Yolk.  How do you like your eggs?

Laid by my own chickens.

Z     Zodiac.  What's your sign and does it fit your personality, in your opinion?

Born on April 20th means I am truly on the cusp of Aries and Taurus. I think it must be a dangerous combination. I share my birthday with Adolph Hitler.

Tag you're it!!!!







jeadie05 said...

So sorry you are feeling so wretched with the cold ,your answers to the questions were very original ..interesting ..entertaining too .love Jan xx

plittle said...

In your comment on my blog you said, "enjoyed seeing yours, perhaps you'd like to see mine?" What, exactly, did you mean by that?

jckfrstross said...

feel better soon:) the crud is going around here too so don't feel bad its everywhere


princesssaurora said...

Oh... I don't think your bad mood showed thru!  However, Jell-o is not jelly... it is a gelatin dessert... that is flavored and wiggles when you eat it...  I guess you don't have it in UK!!

Thank you for doing my abc questionnaire!  Very kind of you to take the time and it was fun to learn more about you!

be well,

lindaggeorge said...

Dawn, What you call Jello is Jelly here. What you call Jelly is our Jam. It gets even more confusing if you come over here. I know in the past with my American relatives that anyone going out for a fag would cause raised eyebrows, when all they were doing was going out for a cigarette. They used to want to pat my toddler daughter on the fanny, which is soooo not acceptable here:-) as it isn't quite the same place!


bobandkate said...

I loved your answers Linda, especially the one about the eggs being laid outside the dining room window! I do hope your cold/flu gets better soon. Have a nice hot Toddy today!

wobblymoo said...

My mum was born on April the 20th too, was the only question I ever managed to shock my history teacher with, because I was the only one who knew the answer. Great answers

beckiepainton said...

im an aries too, wonder if thats the reason we sometimes get spooky coincidences...my birthday is April the 15th when the Titanic sunk, i sometimes wonder if I was reincarnated after i died in the sea, maybe you were once Hitler!Have you got a moustache?!Beckie.xx

susanebunn said...

Oh, not too many warts after all!  I think your answers were honest and spot on!  Thanks for sharing and I do hope you get over your cold toot sweet!


wickedpink64 said...

Loved this entry...and I discovered that i should have soaked my cake in sherry before making it into the trifle last weekend. You know, I knew it wasn't quite right and couldn't put my finger on what what missing....and now thanks to you and "jelly" I know what to add next time!!!!
Hope you're feeling better soon  - cold weather does nothing for aching bones and joints does it!! I know how you feel and am enjoying the heatwave we are currently experiencing cos my bones don't hurt!


Wendy in Oz

tellsg said...

Hey Linda, my birthday is on the 19th April!  Sorry you haven't been well and hope that you are feeling a bit better now.  Hugs, Terry x

drb1064 said...

Hi, I loved your answers some of which had me giggling lol. Thanks for stopping by my journal and the lovely comment you left.
Best wishes

ally123130585918 said...

Hope that cold is better now and you had a good family dinner party ~ enjoyed reading this entry ~ Ally