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Saturday, 10 March 2007

On A Roll!

Yes, I know I did an entry last night but while it seems to be working I'm posting the photos from my last German trip. Not many as I was mostly in bed, or lazing around in my PJ's.

Isabella was talking to me on the phone this morning, she said 'Ba Ba Ba, which means I I've just done a wee on my potty. Catherine is like me and doesn't agree with this modern rubbish of waiting for them to be ready for potty training. She is doing what I did, as soon as they can sit up, pop them on the potty whenever their nappy is changed and before and after baths. It is a fun time which Isabella enjoys as you can talk and do nursery rhymes etc. Sitting there actually encourages them 'to go' and there is no pressure to go at all, just praise if they do. Without realising it they become potty trained and both mine chose to be out of nappies when they were one year old.

I'm going to a Fund raising evening tonight for the Homeless Hostel. There is to be a 'Finger Buffet' I hate that! I find the fingernails get stuck in my teeth.

Just one more silly entry in a minute and then that's me done for the week.

Have a good weekend.




kerryjayne39 said...

what an absolutely beautiful baby, she is gorgeous.
thanks for the tip on the tea, I'm going near a sainsburys later so will pop in, I like the lemon and ginger tea as well, that was nice on the sore throat I had
Will let you know if it helps

jeadie05 said...

Iam so pleased AOL allowed you to post the pictures Isabella ,is so Beautiful ,I bet you knew that already ,Have fun at the finger buffet ...love Jan xx

drb1064 said...

Doesn't she have the prettiest eyes, what beautiful pictures you must be very proud. enjoy your fingers lol.
Debbie xxx

susanebunn said...

Isabella is the most beautiful baby!  You can really tell she's a little lady.  I think she looks like you!  Bless!


jeanno43 said...

Oh, she is just gorgeous.  What a cutie and what a pretty name.  You must be so proud.

princesssaurora said...

I love the pics of Isabella.... omg she is just so perfect!!!  Oh how wish I knew to try that method with my kids!!!!  Ugh!

be well,

beckiepainton said...

i always had a pooty( ha i wrote pooty, i mean potty) around when jordan was little and he potty trained himself which was great, one day he just started using it and he was dry by the age of 1.I will do the same with Ty too.Beckie.xx

beckiepainton said...

just showed issabella to Ty, he was very impressed, shes so cute!Beckie.xx

wobblymoo said...

I was actually reading up on elimination control not so long ago which basically is the same thing but you never put them in nappies. Isabella is gorgeous

alimharper said...

Lovely pictures of the babe - goodness does she look like Catherine.  Glad to see you are feeling better, sounds like flu to me no matter what the doctor thinks.  I have moved on from Berlin and am now at Mercedes near Stuttgart for a short three month project.  Lovely area and only half an hour from the Black Forest - the wine is also very nice so I am pretty happy.  Easter hols are going to be in Sidmouth where I will meet up with Henry and Pat.  How far away is Catherine from Stuttgart?  If it's not too far I might pop up to see her one weekend.  Keep blogging - reading your blog helps me feel that I am still in the family circle to a degree.  Love to Mike. Ali