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Saturday, 7 April 2007

Good Friday

I wrote this yesterday but as I still couldn’t use the Add Pictures button I uploaded the photos to Flickr, which is so much better than trying to use AOL’s File Manager and without the small file size restriction. I didn’t have time to sort the photos last night, hence the delay in posting. The advantage of Flickr is, if you double click on the picture, it takes you to straight to Flickr and above the photo is an ALL sizes button, so you can see the pictures larger if you want. The one of Alton Towers in the last post needs seeing larger, then you can see the old stone bridge and the horses grazing in the distance. Of course this morning, after weeks of not working, it now does, so pictures are in both formats!!! Dear old AOL. Even better, I've just tried to put captions on and the error is back, so have a look and make up your own stories!!!!!


10.04.07. Finally got to put the captions in!


As always, the good news in life is counter balanced by the bad. I was so relieved to hear the 15 Navy personnel had been released and returned home. I never believed their treatment had been as good as we were lead to believe. The interviews today confirm this. I wish I thought this was the end of it. I feel it is the start of something much worse.


For those that know them in J land, Jeanette and Kim have had bad times and bad news this week, much love to them.


Already I have had the first week of my Easter break, it goes too quickly.

On Tuesday I picked up my sister and we went on a trip to Pontblyddyn in North Wales. We were looking for the grave of our 2 x great Grandfather Paul Louwet/Lewett, who was Belgian and married a Welsh lady, Margaret Williams. I recently acquired a photograph of the gravestone and because of its distinctive shape, thought it would be easy to find. Sadly, it wasn’t. There is a section in the churchyard that has been cleared of headstones and the stones laid around the turfed area. These stones are moss covered, so almost impossible to see and read, and then there is another section which is so overgrown it’s not possible to get in there. We didn’t find the grave but we had a good day out and a very good lunch at The Druidwhich is an old stone Inn opposite the churchyard. I think it was the first time Val and I have been out on our own, just the two of us, for more than 30 years.

Wednesday morning was a hair appointment, which turned out to be a bit of a disaster, I was booked in for 10.30 for a cut and a retouch of my highlights. I’d also booked my induction for my new Gym at 12.15. It was only 5 minutes walk away and I’m never more than an hour and a half for my hair. Of course on Wednesday Martin was running late and didn’t start on me until 11.10, which I don’t think is acceptable, 40 minutes late is not professional. So I just got my roots done and didn’t get the cut. I feel like a right shaggy sheepdog at the moment.

I did the induction at the gym, which I enjoyed and went back for my first session today. It’s a 30 minute work out, just for ladies, 3 minutes on each piece of apparatus and you have to go 3 times a week I’m hoping I’ll do better at this than at the Gym I previously went to.

Late afternoon Wednesday, I went to Stratford upon Avon, to the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. I’d found on The National Archives website that there were some documents in Stratford relating to my Hadley family. They were huge old parchment indentures to a lease on land in Rowley Regis and although I haven’t yet worked out the exact link, the land is where my Hadley’s were living 60 years later and the John mentioned in the Indenture dated 1691 has to be related to the John I have got back to born around 1700. It was quite awesome actually handling these ancient documents and seeing the signature of a John Hadley who is probably my 7 x great grandfather.

If I have the connection right it means that the actual owner of the land, Isaac Tunckes bequeathed it to his daughter Mary, who married William Hadley, father of a John Hadley mentioned as a benificiary, who is probably the father of the John I have got back to. This makes Isaac Tunckes an ancestor also. He lived in Harborne, Birmingham and I suppose explains why my later Hadley’s could often be found in Harborne for weddings, several miles from their home in Rowley Regis.


This morning I went for my first full session at the Gym which I enjoyed. When I’d finished I walked up into the High Street to get some flowers and on the way saw Tony, my current ‘pet’ Big Issue seller. I think he’s about my age but looks older after years of being homeless and whatever else went wrong in his life. I started talking to him last yearand he seems a gentle, intelligent man. He has a dog he adores, which he rescued as a puppy and because of it was unable to use the very good Shelter we have in Worcester. He’d rather sleep in the elements than give up his dog. Last year Tony had Pleurisy and as a result was put on priority for accommodation in a sort of ‘halfway house’ scheme. He was housed in time for Christmas, which I was very pleased to hear.

Today his dog was muzzled, which concerned me. Tony explained that last night he had gone to the local shops and left the dog tied outside. These shops are near the school I work in, it’s quite usual to see dogs tied to the garden railings there but it is a rough area and at night I suppose things are quite different. Anyway Tony heard his dog barking and went out to find a bunch of teenagers tormenting him, when Tony tried to stop them they kicked the dog in the face and beat up Tony, I noticed then he had a black eye. These teenagers are probably children I worked with, or the brothers of them. I sickens me, it makes me angry and it makes me cry. Why are people so vile?

I ‘buy’ a Big Issue from Tony whenever I see him and take the time to talk to him, only I know I will be never get round to reading it, so I ask him to sell it again to someone who has more time. I’m not a religious person and when I think of the things done in the name of religion I do have very mixed feelings about it all. Somehow, despite my lack of religious belief, my love for a less fortunate human being all seemed quite appropriate on Good Friday. You don’t have to be a Christian to want to follow the same ideals. I don’t relate any of this to make myself appear like GoodyTwoShoes, I just wish the world was a more loving place. And while on the subject, Easter is so much old than the fairly recent Christian celebration, my friend Susie has written about it in her Journal. Susie's Easter

Mike and I actually managed a day off work together today, something of a feat, as since his enforced retirement it only happens about 6 days a year. Mike’s daughter Sue was coming to Worcester to pick up her Mother for Easter, (so much more meat than a Turkey, we usually have my mother for Christmas dinner!) I suggested we take Sue and her two daughters,  Chloe & Abigail, out for lunch. Then I thought it be an idea to invite Dave (Mike’s son) and his girlfriend Sam. These are things Mike would love to do but he just isn’t into forward planning, unless it‘s buying tickets for a Watford match, so its usually down to me to suggest family things. It’s quite rare to get us all together.

As the weather promised to be good, we thought Bushwackers in town would be ideal, it has lovely courtyard garden to eat out in and the food is always excellent, freshly prepared, yet fast. By night it’s a Pick-Up joint, famous for Grab-a-Gran and affectionately known as BushSlappers but by day it’s a totally different place.

Today we weren’t let down by the weather, or the food and had a lovely time, Sue was very entertaining and her trick of tipping her lunch into her lap and then getting it back on the plate without a mark on her clothes was one of her best. However it wasn’t as good as the disappearing fish trick she managed when she and Dave last went to visit their Nan.


Dave & Sue (like the Easter Hat Dave!)

They had Fish and Chips for supper and were sitting in the living room to eat. Sam got up for some reason and walked across the room. At the same moment Sue’s battered fish disappeared. The reason then became apparent, her piece of Cod had somehow become firmly attached to Sam’s poncho and was walking round the room. The relating of this tale today caused much hilarity, as is the way of all the best family tales.


Sam demonstrating the size of The Cod That Got Away.


A better picture of Abigail & Sam.

We have a number of thesetales that are often dragged out at family gatherings, like Mike’s trousers falling down in the Father’s Race at School Sports day. His 80’s Kevin Keegan curly perm and dark glasses. The party Sue gave at home, when we were away on holiday, which was so good the police came three times and of course the shelves Mike put up when we were first married, which fell down in the night.

For nearly 20 years Mike thought it was because his DIY skills were so poor that the shelves fell down. But we all knew that is was really because 4 year old Simon had got out of bed and climbed up them to retrieve some money Mike had confiscated earlier in the day. We felt it was best Mike didn’t know this at the time, as he was so cross. I think I’ve explained before in the car crash incident, Simon is a very bad liar, he forgets to stick to the tale and eventually the truth will always come out. We all nearly died of suffocation from laughing so much on the day that Simon let this little gem out at a family meal. It was made even funnier by the fact it was nearly 20 years after the event and we’d all been in on it. The look of incredulity on Mike’s face at the duplicity of his family was priceless. Luckily he saw the funny side of it.

I said  today that maybe Chloe and Abigail might like to call me Lulu now. I have been known as Nanny Harper, after our dog but as he is no more, it doesn't seem very appropriate. Also I am aware that four grandmothers are just a tad too many and as they are getting older might prefer to use something that sounds better. I'm known as Lulu to Catherine and family, so I offered them the choice of calling me that, which they seemed happy with. This of course promoted some discussion as to whether Mike now became Poppa Lulu? Hmmm, we weren't too sure about that one, Dave said it sounded like a Gangster Rapper, anything further from Mike would be hard to imagine.


Chloe and 'Poppa Lulu'.

We’ve had our ups and downs over the years but our family gatherings could never be called dull. There have been issues and rows but throughout it all, there has always been love.

I can hear Isabella now announcing to the world that she has laid her daily egg, what a voice that girl's got!. They've been moved away from the house down to their Summer quarters, so hopefully we don't getcomplaints from the neighbours.

Time to get some gardening done and enjoy this sunshine.

Happy Easter.






wickedpink64 said...

Beautiful photos! and your Easter baskets look delicious! Thanks also for your kinds words for my Mum. She is doing much better today and I'm sure its from all the good vibes she is getting from all over the world!
Enjoy your Easter sunshine!


Wendy in Oz

jeadie05 said...

Whew , what an entry ,where do I start ?loved your pictures ,must try flckr,how sweet of you to by the Big Issue and then not take it ,I have bought them before and been pleasantly surprised at what I read ,when you said you could hear Isabella ,thought you was gonna say you had your daughter and family  there lol ,like you I am relieved the sailors are home,and never believed for a minute their words were their own ! and yes ,what happens next ?What a great trip you and your siter took together looking up family history ..Have a Blessed Easter ..love Jan xx  

midwestvintage said...

 You gym sounds like our Curves here.  I really liked it and only quit because my husband wanted to work out with me.  Now neither of go, time to go back to Curves.  Loved the easter baskets.


tellsg said...

Well I am glad you decided to start writing again!  Really found it interesting that you could trace your ancestors back so far and its a shame you couldn't locate that gravestone but I am sure you will one day.  How fascinating that you saw that signature too.  Hmm, I am not even sure going back one generation.  Blimey everyone is going to the gym - most exercise I get is walking round Sainsburys!  The lunch with Mike's daughter looked fun and she has a lovely smile.  Have a lovely Easter.  Hugs, Terry x

jckfrstross said...

Happy Easter:) have a great weekend:) enjoy your sunshine. its been snowing here off and on:(


wobblymoo said...

What a great entry and so wonderful seeing the family all together, I don't think any of us do that often enough.

ally123130585918 said...

Linda thanks for a lovely newsy entry ~ and the Photographs are really great ~ Like you I am pleased our Navy Personnel are home ~ I don't think anyone was fooled about their treatment ~ sounds like you had a nice day out with your sister sorry you didn't find the grave you were looking for ~ Hope you are having a Good Easter break ~ Ally

susanebunn said...

Oh what beautiful pictures!  I really enjoyed the joke about the Easter hat.  You are so very blessed with such a wonderful family!  Wow!


beckiepainton said...

wow you have been busy!!!I love the disapearing fish!!mine disapear into anothers jaws sadly, happy easter to you too.Beckie.xxand to puff lulu or whatever you call him these days!!

sunnyside46 said...

I love love love your journal
it made me laugh and cry all at once.
you have a kind heart and a good sense of humor

princesssaurora said...

What a wonderful entry!!!  All caught up with you now!!  Loved the pictures too!  No, Mike doesn't look like a Poppa Lulu at all!  LOL  I loved your family stories... we do the same thing!!

be well,

wldconnie said...

What a long newsy entry today...fantastic photos too. I love all your family in jokes...we have similar ones too! Happy belated easter to you and all your family. Love Conniex

acoward15 said...

I pinched the Worcester Cathedral photo, I hope you don't mind.

olachiaclan said...

Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me. They went a long way in encouraging me.