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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Catch Up !

What can I say? It’s been ages. I just can’t get to grips with this Blogger thingummy. AOL had its faults but I knew where I was and I liked the Alerts. Is there a way to get Alerts on here, I can’t sort it if there is.

I’m embarrassed to find I had comments on my last entry that I hadn’t seen, so thanks for those and I’ll try to catch up with you all but life has been very busy here.

You know me, I like to illustrate my Blog, this one is no exception.

So, what’s been happening?

Well, I’m expecting a second grandchild, which is exciting. This time it’s my son who is adding to the family and the baby is due in July. With his usual impeccable timing, he’s got himself sent to America for three months and won’t be back until the end of June. So poor Tori’s been languishing, alone (apart from bump) up in the wilds of a very wet Scotland.

To break the time alone tghere for Tori, I drove up there last week and we did lots of girlie things together, like tearooms and shopping and of all wondrous things the weather took an amazing turn for the better and we barbequed on two evenings, just chatting in the garden and meeting the neighbours. It was a very relaxing time.

But I had a surprise up my sleeve. As Simon is away while all this baby developing is going on, Mike and I offered to get a 4D Ultrasound scan done, so that Tori could then send the pictures to Simon. Tori jumped at the chance and it was a very special moment, to have Simon on the phone as he opened the link to the photos. He’d no idea what we’d done and then he came out with his own surprise, he’s flying home for a few days at the end of this month. And all this was when he’d just returned from the beach, where he’d watched the Space Shuttle launch. The wonders of modern technology!!!

Thanks to the scan, we were able to confirm that this baby will definitely be Edward, my father’s first name and he looks very much like Simon, even though on some of the picture he appears to have a moustache, LOL!! (It’s just a shadow)

Life in here in Worcestershire just seems busy, what with Mike and I working at home. Getting the garden sorted and keeping on top of things at the allotment.

Catherine and Flo have been having a tough time, as he is now on a three day week and because of that, Catherine’s done well, producing posters and now has a few cleaning jobs, to help supplement their income. Ten more people were made redundant this week where Flo works. He wasn’t one of them, which is a relief but still it’s upsetting. You can’t help but feel for the ones that have lost their jobs.

Mike’s son, Dave and his fiancée Sam, did the London Marathon. Sam’s Dad has Leukaemia and they chose to run for Leukaemia Care. We are so proud of them.

Mike and I celebrated our Silver Wedding Anniversary in April. We had thought we’d have a party but as Simon was away, yet again, we’ve decided to have a ’Do’ in October, when hopefully, they will be able to come down here, to Worcester and introduce Edward to all the family.

We went away for a night of absolute luxury, in Wales and although we only stayed away the one night, we managed to make it a two day event. It was just fabulous and well worth spending what would have bought us a week away somewhere else. When we went into the room, there was a bottle of champagne, on ice and a card from all the staff, congratulating us on our anniversary. So remember that, if you are ever booking somewhere, just let it slip that there’s a special occasion and you might get a free bottle of bubbly!! 25 Years! Wherever did that time go and to think people said it would never last! Our room was the old library and we had a wonderful view of the River Usk from the windows. We slept with the huge drapes shut but with the sash windows open, so that we could hear the river in the distance.

We’re down to one chicken now, she did have another name but due to her bossy and aggressive behaviour, she’s now Attila, as in Attila the Hen! We can’t get any new ones until she’s gone, she’d just peck them to death but when she does go, I’ve seen what I want, they’re called Bluebell Rangers, ha ha, how camp does that sound?

I think that’s all for now, although I’ve probably forgotten loads.

Hope all is well with you. xx


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Anonymous said...

When I wrote to sort of check up on you, I'd not remembered your posting an entry in the time I'd been on blogger & thought you were ill. You've just been very busy. Glad of it. I love the picture of you on the bench.

If Attila is bossy & aggressive you must get her a mate, if not, who will she hen peck? Yes, I see you don't want her doing that, but she lives for it, I am sure. Luxury & free champagne, the perfect way to spend a 25th anniversary.

Tea rooms, shopping & girlie things. I remember when I used to do that...hmmm, perhaps again. Happy you had such a good time. I love that idea of sending the pictures to Simon. Perfect. ~Mary

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Beautiful Blog, Lovely pics adored with. Keep posting, happy to be here, will come back soon to read and see more.
Pl take some time to look back at my B...
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