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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Just Popping in

Oh dear! This seems to have changed since I was last here, be interesting to see what happens.

As previously stated, I can't get to grips with this system and the lack of Alerts makes it so hard to keep in touch. Jean has just posted and that prompted an AOL Blogger friend to get in touch with me. Which in turn made me think I should post a few photos, then the few folk that remember me can see what I've been up to.

For a start, I was 58 last week, that's a bit scary!

My Grandson, who was just a scan photo last time I posted, is now 21 months. He is adorable and so funny, I've never know such a sense of humour in a child his age.

Isabella is beautiful but sadly living back in Germany, her Daddy is in Engineering and just couldn't get a job that paid enough here, having moved to England just as the recession started. She is now bi-lingual, in English and German but like her Daddy speaks with a slight American accent. She does ballet and is very artistic.

Mike and I had planned to retire to Wales this year but due to the sad death of my Step-father, earlier this year, we have had to put that plan on hold. Mum is 82 and until she can find herself somewhere in her Village, that is more manageable and start to pick up the threads of a single life, there is no way that I can move away.

The Chickens I had , the original ones were for my 50th birthday, have now all passed on. As we were planning to move, we didn't replace them. Now we are staying put, I have had four new girls as my birthday present. This time I have had pretty ones, different types of Hybrids. Here they are, in their run, they have to stay in for about a week, to get the hang of where they need to go at night.

But my very best thing right now is Robin. The other man in my life, he sings to me all the time I'm in the garden and follows me about and he eats right out of my hand. I think he is a serious contender for my affections.

I took these myself, this morning.

Well, if anyone remembers me and happens to read this, I hope all is well with you. I shall try to read a few Blogs now, although I always keep up with Andy & Jean, as they send me an e-mail when they have posted.

Happy Easter. xx


Jan said...

Ahh, how lovely to hear from you again,I can remember when Isabella was expected how she has grown ,and the dear little fellow was ,as you say a scan ,Your pictures are so nice ,can remember too when your garden was flooded ,I agree this isnt the same as the old AOL journals but ...sigh ...... Love Jan x <3

Andy said...

How nice to see an entry from you. Things are not the same here as they were on AOL but I suppose its progress! I think you were the first person to comment on my AOL journal which surely must qualify you for some kind of reward!

Time seems to pass at an alarming rate of knots these days, I will be 60 in November!


Robbie's Random Ramblings said...

It is great to have an update, the pictures are lovely and your grandson looks so cute. Blogger is getting better, it is just a case of getting used to it.

Beckie said...

Glad you are well as are Mike and Rowley :) Isabella looks so grown up!And a grandson now too!My parents feed a robin also, its amazing how a wild bird can become so tame and trusting.Take care anyhoo....xxbeckiex

Philip Verghese'Ariel' said...

Nice to be here at this beautiful blog, i just joined in, keep posting/
best regards

Ally Lifewithally said...

Just Popping in to say Hello ~ so glad I have caught up with you again ~ I hope everything is OK with you ~ Loved the pictures ~ Ally x