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Saturday, 3 December 2005

This time of year it's difficult to cram everything in and I was very tempted to give up writing my journal but as I am writing it for friends and family abroad and myself as a record of my life (because I can never remember anything), I decided I must persevere while I can.

Apart from visiting my friend with the nutty boyfriend, I don't seem to have been anywhere much except school. It's very busy there now as Christmas production and Christingle Service preparations are paramount. I designed the tickets for the Christingle Service on Friday, yet.....hold hard,.... what's this I hear.

No! It is not to be the Christingle Service but The Christmas Service. Well here's a turn up for the books. Our Year Head has said he doesn't want a Christingle Service as it's modern claptrap and he want's it to be a Christmas Service, in the old tradition.

Well!!! Stripe me pink and knock me down with a feather. All I've heard lately is, Don't call it Christmas, it'll offend 'some people'. Call it Winterval, or Winterfest instead. Well I'll tell you who that attitude offends, it offends ME! 

If anyone reading my journal agrees with this potty, so called political correctness twaddle, then please leave right now, you are not welcome in my journal. The exit is over there on the right, behind the red cross.

Sorry, that gets my dander up more than almost anything.

Now, where was I, oh yes, what a rarity, someone standing up for old Christian traditions. I designed him a very attractive ticket with a little nativity scene as a reward for his support of traditions and he seemed pleased, its hard to tell sometimes if he's smiling, or just has wind.  

I had a surprise on Wednesday night, Mike had been out working all evening, so when we went to bed he took the local evening paper up with him to read. He suddenly gave astart and said 'Look at this!'

There was a small photo of him and alongside it it       said turn to page whatever to read about 'Star DJ'. Now this came as a bit of a shock, after 22 years of marriage to suddenly find myself in bed with a Star DJ.

I wish I'd known earlier, I might of taken advantage of it, like offering to  High Street Jewellers to model their expensive diamond necklaces when attending the Mayor's Ball or the like. Or maybe Jaguar would like me to drive one of their cars for a year. No, I think I'm getting carried away here, it was only The Worcester Evening News.The actual article was about the quiz he went to last week, the one where he went to the wrong pub, well, several wrong pubs really!

At home my time has been taken up with finishing off a family history project and it has been a mammoth task, for a new found relative in Corby and my great uncle's family in Massachusetts (is that how you spell it, I never manage to say it right either). Luckily they both are from the same branch, so it made it a bit easier to get both done in time for Christmas. But, Ouch! £6.50 to post the one to America, I finally got it posted today.

Never mind, it will be worth it as the American branch know next to nothing about their roots, their father was one of those poor Home Children, shipped off to Canada in 1916, when he was only 10.

 I know they will be thrilled to have some sort of Paternal line now but I'm very sad I couldn't have done this in Uncle Leonard's lifetime. He was over the moon when he was able to come to England in his later life and meet all his half brothers and sisters and their offspring. He adored my daughter Catherine and I'm writing this with tears in my eyes, as I know how much this family research would have meant to him. From the age of ten until his 70's, he had no blood relatives, other than his own children and it was a loss he felt very keenly.  

Catherine is well and was off to the Frankfurt Christmas Market today, if they are still liviing there I think we will have to try to go next year.

One of the other things I have been doing is restoring a photo I recently found of my Mum  in her Granddad's garden, note the pigeon loft in the background. Until recently we only had a very pale version of this picture. I have managed to remove most of the cracks and splodges and she will have a print of this to go in a frame, as it is a picture that means a lot to her.

I have also made a version with holly and Christmas images, which makes a lovely card for her but I can't work out how to get that on here.

Not much else to report. Mike (The Star DJ)'s just returned from a trip to Watford to see his beloved team play badly. So time for a glass of wine and our dinner I think.


andrewfrnd said...

Agree with you completely about Christmas lets keep to tradition. Who has ever heard of Mother Christmas and not so long ago the pantomime season started on Boxing Day now its the third week in November.
p.s. dont tell your husband but I am a Brighton supporter!

dorismaudy said...

Linda I totally agree with your comments  Here in Wolverhampton it has been down to an asian councillor to say that we should talk of "Christmas" as opposed to any other catch  all offend nobody phrase. Well thank you!  What is happening to our country?  We appear to be happy to hand over our centuries old traditions without a whimper  in an effort to keep everybody(who they?) happy.  I enjoyed reading about your Christmas preparations.  My little grandson Ben has just appeared as a swan in his schools Christmas production.  A swan?  Whats that all about? whatever happened to shepherds and wise men, and they were just the bit parts?

tillysweetchops said...

Thought provoking and intresting as usual!!!

I was captivated by that picture of your mother. There's is something so incredibly cute and wonderful about pictures of children in that era. All the old fashioned dresses and little T-Bar shoes - just lovely.

Tilly x

beckiepainton said...

My sister was being bullied by a colored boy, she would come home with bruises and cuts where he would attack her.Headmaster said nothing could be done as there is no witnesses.One day she called him a chocolate drop and got suspended for 3 days.Work that out.Beckie

lindaggeorge said...

It's about time so called intelligent people realised the trouble and increase in racial tension they cause by these lopsided rules.

blondepennierae said...

The 'political correctness' thing is going on here too, but I'm digging my heels in.  It will always be Merry Christmas.  Happy Holidays just doesn't say it with the full meaning of the spirit.  Pennie

chalet90 said...

love readin your entrys every week  an i agree christmas is about nativity plays ie baby jesus wise men donkeys ect my childrens school havent even got a christmas tree or any decorations last years play was a caribeen christmas no sign of donkeys or wise men an this year there not doin a play at all
what is goin on have we all forgot our queen is head of the church of england

tillysweetchops said...

No slacking Linda!!

Where's our entry?

Tilly x