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Saturday, 18 February 2006

I'm Back!

I've had a bit of time off from Journal writing, as I felt it my entries were getting depressing, which was how I was feeling and as the last entry received no comments, I was obviously depressing everyone who read it. I made it Private, while I considered it's fate.

I feel a lot better now, which is just as well considering the week I've just had! More of that later.

Things that have happened since I last wrote.

My daughter had her second scan and was hoping to find out the sex of her baby. This child is obviously going to take after it's mother. Contrary. It turned it's back and refused to turn round again to reveal whether it was a boy of a girl. So we have to wait another two weeks to see if all is to be revealed.

My son went and had a little trip on his submarine, they were doing some tests. How considerate of The Royal Navy to arrange for him a short taster before they sent him away on his big trip.

 God, was that a worry. I was dreading the phone call when he got back, in case he was a mental wreck and couldn't bear the thought he was going back under for several weeks. Thankfully he said it was fine and although he knew the time would drag until he was home again, he was quite happy about it. Phew!!!

The wedding plans are going well and everyone that is going has booked their flight and a coach has been laid on at the German end. The Hotel is booked and flowers sorted. The Reception is to be in an old pub, which has a room upstairs that we are using, it has bits of old brewing equipment in it, so sounds interesting. The town they live in is Bad Laasphe, which is very rural according to my daughter.

My niece Emma has now left  sunny Wolverhampton and is on her 11 month tour of the world. She has started in Thailand and is writing a Blog, so if she can access mine, we can both keep up with what's happening.

My son's Ex girlfriend, no, not the nutter, another one, is also on her travels and is in Thailand at the moment but moves to Cambodia next week. She sent me the photos, shown here, yesterday. The wonders of the Internet! I think the first picture above is so beautiful, it looks like a photo from a travel magazine......Lucy, I never realised you were so artistic! 

My friend Catherine, who moved to Lyon just before Christmas tells me she has found herself a home now and I hope to visit her later in the year. I was a little concerned to hear they have found Bird Flu there. I read it is carried by migrating swans, so no snogging a swan Catherine!

This week has been half term and I really needed the break, as we had an OFSTED inspection just two weeks ago and that was stressful to say the least.

The week started with a visit to Mike's family. His Mum, who is 86 was looking well.

Wednesday we were being taken out to lunch by my Mum and stepfather Wilf. I'd only just got up when the phone rang. It was Wilf, to say Mum had fallen the night before, on her way out of a pub, for heavens sake, she's 77!. He insists she was sober and had only had a tomato juice. Hmmmmm!

Anyway, unlike the fall she had a couple of weeks earlier, when she JUST needed a couple of stitches in her forehead. This time she'd made a good job of it and broke her leg in 3 places. One of the fractures needed pinning, so she was having an operation the next day.

Can you imagine the distress this caused? Apart from the worry of her injuries, what about the wedding? Someone at the hospital told her she couldn't fly while she was in plaster.

I went to see her that afternoon and was relieved to see she was cheerful and only plastered  up to just below her knee. I came home with thoughts of driving her there. I checked the Eurotunnel and then the distance from Calais to Bad Laasphe its 350 miles, no more than when I drove up to see my son in Faslane last summer. And I did that with just two hours notice. I could surely do this drive when so much was at stake.

The next morning, panic mode had settled to reasoned thought. Why couldn't she fly. What happened to skiers when they broke their leg/legs. Did they all get left in The Alps for several months? I think not!

So I turned to my friend, the Internet, looked up the airlines website and found there was actually no difficulty with a lower leg plaster. As long as she was certified fit to fly. I have long thought my mother should be certified but that's another matter!

Last night came the good news. The doctor will sign her fit to fly to Germany, as it is a short flight. She was moving around well on a Zimmer frame yesterday and today she will get plastered again. They have even said that if she goes in the Tuesday before she flies, they will put a split cast on , which is bandaged together. Then if she has any problem with her leg swelling on the plane, we can remove it and put it back on later. No, not her leg, the plaster!!  

So, hopefully, all is sorted. 

I had a look at future son in laws website for his group this week and found they have now put a video on there of the tour they did in  England in November and there is a link here to the site. Go to Media and the link to the video is on that page.


If  anyone reading this is interested in Punk, of a German type (ie screamed, not sung) have a look. If you don't like the sound you can mute it and still have a look. Flo is the Lead Screamer, the one with black hair and a lovely smile and my daughter is the pretty blonde girl. They do look a little unkempt on some of the shots as they were living in the TourBus most of the time.

I think that brings my life up to date and will start doing my weekly Blog from now on.

If you visit, please leave a comment, as I have just taken that stupid counter off, it has just reset itself to zero again and I really can't be bothered to go through all the crap of resetting it again.So it would be nice to know if anyone stopped by.

It's a pity AOL can't be more bothered about sorting out these problems than they are with putting adverts onto the My Picture pages!!! 



andrewfrnd said...

Welcome back!! I have missed you.

xleeleexf said...

Glad your mum can go to Germany to the wedding. I can imagine it would have been very upsetting if she couldnt go.
I remember OFSTED coming to my school on more than one occasion, and there being a huge fuss about tidying up, big assembly's before they arrived to make sure we all behaved haha, so i can bet it is a big stressfull thing.
My counter reset on nearly 500 last week! ARGH so frustrating.
Hope you are well

p.s. thanks for the comment