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Monday, 30 January 2006

Life Moves On.

The ear is improving but when all is quiet, it sounds like I have a washing machine on the spin cyle in there. The doctor says the infection has gone and I just have to wait for the tubes to clear.

The last few days have been emotional turmoil.

Daughter is worried about upsetting her future German mother in law who would like them to wait for Flo's brother to return from duty in the army in Afghanistan before gettting married. As he doesn't expect to be back until late March, then the earliest they could marry is the first Friday in April, by which time she would be nearly seven months pregnant. Catherine does not want to look like a beached whale on her wedding photos AND if they wait for Sebastian to come back then they really should wait for her own brother Simon to return from duty on his submarine, which will not be until the middle of April, or thereabouts, she doesn't feel it would be fair to wait for one and not the other. I have to agree with her point of view but I would much rather have both the boys there. I must remember it is her wedding day and she must be able to feel as good as possible. I know she would rather have them both there if she could.

Thursday, we got THE CALL. These days you only get two days notice when OFSTED are coming in to assess you. If you don't have anything to do with the teaching profession this will mean nothing to you but just think, major surgery without anaesthetic and you will be somewhere near.

I think today went alright but tomorrow is my day for taking a class, on my own, for computer studies. I'm taking a pack of Tena Lady with me, just in case. You have to live with this report for about four years. Please don't let me be the one that cocks up!

I spoke to my son last night, for the last time for nearly three months. He is to be living below the sea for all that time. When he comes home, apparently, he will look like a maggot, having been so deprived of daylight. I can't bear the thought of him being shut away for so long and missing his sister's wedding. 

My stepfather was 80 today and we had a surprise party for him yesterday. It was a lovely party, with 100 guests. If I get to that age and have that many friends, I will be very surprised, so it would be a surprise party for me.

One of the guests was a Black Country comedian, Tommy Munden. He said he had bought his wife a hamster fur coat for Christmas, trouble was, he took her to Birmingham at the weekend and they went on the big wheel......he couldn't get her off!

He recommend Viagra for Wilf and Mum to put the zest back into their sex life. Wilf said 'Can you get it over the counter?' Tommy said'Yes. If you take two!'   

One of the chickens escaped through the fence on Thursday afternoon and we couldn't find her. I thought she was dead, that something had eaten her. I spent hours out with a torch looking for her. The next morning we were out at the crack of day. I was calling 'Where's my girl', which usually brings her running and sure enough, there she was next door. I hopped over the fence and brought her home. It was so sweet, as I held her she stretched her neck over my shoulder and snuggled into my neck, as if she was saying 'It's so good to be home'. I really am daft when it comes to my animals.

Harper Dog has to go to the vet tomorrow, he has developed a worrying cough and I have just discovered a large, soft lump in his neck. He's thirteen. I haven't told Simon about Fliss yet, I don't want him to come home and find half the pets have gone. What sort of a negligent Mother would that make me, on his first trip under the sea?


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