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Sunday, 3 September 2006

Amazing Success!!!

Well! How impressed am I? My first week of doing my online diet and what happens? I put on 2 pounds! 


What a stunning success! I can see this is going

really well.


To be fair to myself it turned out to be a difficult week to diet in as I ended up eating out nearly as much as I did at home, So I suppose, all things considered it could have been a lot worse.


After the unplanned trip to Plymouth I seem to

have lost the week. I think Wednesday I was just

exhausted and mostly played about on the computer.


Thursday evening we went to Wolverhapton to see someone I don't know do a charity Firewalk.


I seem to spend a lot of time lately going to see

people I don't know. It's all because of my family

history research.I chat to people via the Internet,some of them relatives, others people from the old village my family originated from, then I end up meeting them.. The funny thing is, most of these people are men! Happily Mike doesn't have a problem with it, he knows it's all quite innocent.


The Firewalk went well and nobody got injured,

which was good. How they do it without the slightest mark on them is amazing.


I had a lovely day out on Friday with my friend Sue, We went to Warwickshire and had lunch at a

beautiful pub/restuarant called The Saxon Mill. For decades it has not lived up to it's potential but is now a lovely place to eat.


But my favourite part is still outside the building, sitting looking over a wide expanse ofthe River Avon, surrounded by tall, gently swaying, trees, which in summer obscure one of the most beautiful, romantically evocative ruins in Britain......Guys Cliffe House. The first time I saw the ruin the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. I had very strong feelings of having some connection with the place. It was probably just my imagination running riot but I try to get there every year, if I can. I find The Mill a very special place.






The waterwheel is still turning and there

has been a mill on the site since Saxon times.


After lunch we went to Packford House and

Baddesly Clinton, both National Trust properties

and of course, we had to have tea and cake. That

was the best carrot cake I've ever had! It's no

wonder I've put on weight!


Once again I've been dismayed by the news that 14 of our brave servicemen have been killed in

Afghanistan.My heart goes out to them and their



It's all very well the Government saying it's one ofour safest  aircraft. As far as I'm aware there was never an explanation for the Nimrod that went down in a Lake in Canada in September 1995. It hadjust completed a display at an air show. 7 men from Kinloss were killed in that crash..


My son in law had a disappointing time on Friday. He and his band were playing in Koblenz. They were one of the headline bands and were playing to a crowd of around 4,000. There were even some TV cameras there.


They'd just played their first number and were

twenty seconds into the next. Flo suddenly realised that only he and Mike were playing. The drummer and two guitarists behind had stopped and someone was shouting. He turned round to see that Thomas's head had exploded. There was blood everywhere and I do mean everywhere.


Apparently Seb had got a little excited and was

waving his guitar around while he was  playing

and had crashed it into Thomas's head. The

resulting injury meant they had to leave the stage and Thomas had to have urgent medical treatment. Even the back of Flo's shirt had blood on it.


I'm pleased to report Thomas doesn't seem to have suffered any permanent damage, although I expect he will live with the scar for the rest of his life.  


Has anyone noticed how all the Journalists on

telly these days wave there hands about like

demented windmills. I have been told they are

actually trained to do it. Why? It drives me mad, I

can't concentrate on what they're saying, I'm

mesmerised by them demonstrating how things are going up, whereas others are going down and the majority (big expansive arm waving) are on the right as opposed to the minority (small, palms together, hand gesture) are on the left.


STOP IT! You look silly.


ally123130585918 said...

Awww sorry you put on 2 lbs ~ dieting can be difficult but I am sure you will get there in the end ~ How do they do that walking on fire and not get burnt ~ don't think I would dare try it ~ glad you had a nice day out with your friend Sue beautiful picture ~ wonder if in your past you did have a connection there ~ I was saddened to hear of the deaths of our brave servicemen my prayers go out their families ~ shame about your son~in~law having to leave the stage I hope that injury wasn't too bad ~ Yes I have noticed how journalist wave their arms about it drives me mad as well ~ Ally

bobandkate said...

Never mind about the 2lbs Linda - I am sure you will do better next week. That mill looks absolutely lovely, quaint and olde worlde, peaceful and restful.

jeadie05 said...

Hey I found you! still no alerts so instead of surfing am trawling ,so pleased you had a good day out with Sue ,the spooky feeling was it de ja vue ?Yes it breaks your heart to hear the news of the service men ,Godbless their familys ,interesting stuff researching family history ,are you going to watch ,'who do you think you are 'on Wednesday evening BBC1 at 9 ,.,.,I love that programe ,.,.,.,.,Jan xx   PS I posted last night , http://journals.aol.co.uk/jeadie05/Serendipity/

wldconnie said...

Now that is my kind of diet! I always seem to put on weight or just lose one pound which is hardly encouraging! Mind you meals out do not help! Lucky you meeting all these guys. Pass a few this way!
I often spend almost all day on the computer by the time I have left comments on numerous journals..time just flies! Love Conniex

debbiewebb4465 said...

Hi Linda :-) Aww shame about putting on the 2lbs mate, never mind there is always next week. I think you look great anyway! The picture is stunning and that is somewhere I'd love to go, looks an amazing place. Sounded nasty what happened to Thomas' head, poor bloke! Hope he's well recovered! Take care and good luck with the diet.
big hugs Debbie~xxxxx~

beckiepainton said...

Im reading this and stuffing my face with jaffa cakes!!Beckieboo.x