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Sunday, 12 November 2006

Sorry It's a Big One!

I have to accept Emily has gone to that great dinner plate in the sky.

Saturday morning I had another look at where her feathers were scattered, between the herb garden and the runner beans. I spotted something I hadn’t seen the day before, on closer investigation it was a long thin strip of flesh. I knew it was the last trace of Emily.

Somehow it was comforting to know that she was dead and that it must have been a quick death. My biggest fear was that she was horribly injured and lying somewhere, where I couldn’t see her. I have to put this behind me now and no matter how silly it seems, I loved that bird and if you have never kept chickens you won’t understand how you can build up a relationship with a bird but trust me, you can.

I got into a bit of a row this week on a website I am a regular user of. We have a member who is not well educated, and has various problems but she likes to make comments about local issues and speaks as she finds.

In the past people have berated her for her inability to spell and lack of knowledge in English grammar, which I think is disgraceful.

This week she put up a post about the influx of Polish bus drivers and the difficulties she’d had with them not being able to answer questions about the route their bus was taking and then actually getting lost on the journey.

A new member then really had a go, saying she should not refer to the people’s country of origin as that was racist.

This, to me is at the heart of the problems in this country. Apparently if a bus driver can’t speak English and doesn’t know where he is going, it’s alright to tell the tale but don’t actually say that he is from another country. What a load of &*!!*(&$.

So I expressed my point of view and got a load of verbals back from this 18 year old. I detest the Political Correct Brigade, I think they do more harm to racial harmony that any member of the BNP.

It’s about time we remembered whose country this is. I am not a religious person but if people want to celebrate Christmas and show religious symbols, that’s fine. If I went to Saudi Arabia I would not expect the people there to adopt Western dress and hide all symbols of their faith just to please me. So why, when the boot is on the other foot, are we supposed to hide all our traditions and suddenly not notice that people are from another country.

I have Polish family, by marriage and I am quite certain they were happy to be Polish and if you’d called Bolek English, I’m sure he would have been very offended.

After I’d bravely put in my post everyone else joined in agreeing with me. If you think about it, how arrogant is that to assume that referring to a Polish person as Polish is insulting. This part of the world is becoming a very sad place. You can see this annoyed me!

Mike got called in to do three days sick cover at Gloucester, they seem to be a sickly lot . So I spent most of my free time on my own, as usual.

I put a post on the Blog message board about the fact I get a hundred or more readers a week but only ten or so comments. Do I bore them off to sleep?

As a result I had a reply from a fairly new Blogger and I’ve been reading his Journal and exchanging emails . I have to thank him as he was the only person that got me smiling on Saturday after Emily’s premature demise. Mike was working, so this meant I was being miserable on my own.

Have a look at his Journal, he has some wonderful photography and tell him I sent you. I had to laugh because I’d seen a photo on there of someone in a rugby shirt sitting on a tree branch and I asked if he was the sporty person in the photo. How sad  to reach the stage when wearing a sports shirt makes someone sporty but  then putting on a sweatshirt is probably the nearest I get to being in any sport nowadays. On The Move

Mike and I went out for lunch Saturday to a small country pub, which is now a restaurant more than a pub. Mike had done a ‘phone in’ programme that morning and I don’t think he’d quite switched off. When his soup was bought the waiter put it down and said is everything ok. Mike said ‘Yes, thank you, byeeee! ’ Which amused the waiter, he kept walking by and saying ‘Hello!’, I think Mike was still in ‘phone in’ mode.

Terry’s latest Memoirs from her mother reminded me of a very unsavoury incident in my late teens. I wonder now if I should have reported it because I found out later it had also happened to a close friend of mine.If you’ve read Terry’s entry you’ll know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t, you should, her link is here Bowl of Cherries

It's obviously a male thing and some don't grow out of it. A friend I had known for years was talking about an old car he was renovating, I always hung around with the boys in our crowd as I loved helping them tinkering with their cars. So it didn't seem odd that he invited me round to come and have a look at his car. Which we did.

Then we went in the house, there had been no hanky panky, flirting, or anything of that nature. I was offered a coffee and sat on the sofa, as instructed. The coffee arrived but he obviously felt he had more to show me than his car!!!!! I jumped up and said I needed the toilet and hung around in the bathroom, in the hope that things would have calmed down, so to speak. When I returned everything was returned to it’s rightful place. Nothing was said about it and I drank my coffee as quickly as possible and left. I haven’t thought about this for years, it’s funny the memories other people’s Journals can spark off.

In Maths I have a group of children, who are special needs and need a lot of support, I have to set them easier forms of work of than what the rest of the group are doing. Behaviour was a problem so they had cards with seven targets on them and at the end of the lesson I would award stickers for those they had managed to achieve. If they get twenty five in a week, they have a certificate. The twins are Travellers, they are the most entertaining children to work with. Anyway they got their certificates and we had to be photographed. It’s a bit fuzzy, as it is a scan and had been laminated but a couple of people have asked for a recent photo, so here it is.



You can always print it off and throw darts at it, or use it to scare away Double Glazing Salesmen.

While I’ve been writing this I have seen a Buzzard come in very low over the garden near the Willow tree, which is close to the Ark. In 14 years I’ve never seen one that low. It’s a huge bird and I’m fairly certain now that it’s the culprit. A fox wouldn’t leave a long thin strip of flesh but a sharp beak would.

I’m off to talk to Abigail for a while now.








jeadie05 said...

Poor Emily ,I have to agree with what you were saying about what is politicaly correct ,it works both ways though sometimes you wouldnt think it ,and yes as in many things the do gooders have done more harm than good ,in many situations ,Loved the piture of you anmd the children ,.,love Jan xx

bobandkate said...

Hi Linda,
I have visited On The Move and it is a good new journal, well worth highlighting. Hope the buzzard does not go after Abigail. Nice photo of you with the school children. Keep writing. I think your blog is well worth reading.

bobandkate said...

Hi Linda,
I have visited On The Move and it is a good new journal, well worth highlighting. Hope the buzzard does not go after Abigail. Nice photo of you with the school children. Keep writing. I think your blog is well worth reading.

tellsg said...

Hi Linda, I agree with your comments about being politically correct.  That drives me mad too.  Sometimes I find that whatever you say, to cause controversy someone will pick holes and try to be big.
You know I'm Polish but the name Bolek has always raised a good giggle!  I am proud to be Polish and it certainly is not insulting to be referred to as so.  Rosie has been called "Polish Piddle" at school this week, now that I am not so sure about ....
By the way, you are not boring, I love seeing the alert with your name pop up.
Sorry about Emily, thats such a shame.  
Hugs.  Terry x

jckfrstross said...

i feel so bad for emily. i know she was just a chicken but..... i agree with you on the politically correct people should all move to iraq LOL have a good week  Linda:) do you teach those children? they all look so happy


photographerian said...

You're welcome Linda xx

And thank you for pointing people in my direction

This message is sponsored by Tippex..... because mishtakes sometiemes happen.

wobblymoo said...

Drivs me totally up the wall, the whole world has gone PC mad!! Great picture but sorry you haven't found Emily

lindachapmanuk said...

Hi there, I saw you on the message board but have only just got here! I am sorry about Emily, I think that is really sad. aw....I, like yourself and many others am heartily sick of the 'do gooders' pc brigade.....I agree with all you said about going to Arabia etc...bloody cheek! it's so monotonous now....will be back...Linda xx

kittykeele said...

I'm sorry to hear about Emily, hope Abigail isn't traumatised for too long. I just met Borat (Ali G), he's over here for the premiere of his movie. He ran across the road to where we were standing and gave me a high five!That's the second celebrity I've seen in Oz now (saw Toni Collette last week). I'm feeling a bit star struck now and need a cup of tea and a lie down. Hope you're well,

Emma in Oz

beckiepainton said...

i know how it feels to love birds, i love mine, they share my breakfast in the morning and greet me when i come in and sometimes i let them chew my hair, they do have their own little personalities!I remeber when my sister was getting bullied at school by a black boy and my nan told her to call him a chocolate drop, well she did and got suspended for three days for racism yet nothing was done about the cuts and bruises she came home with, she still bears mantal scars from the names she was called too.Beckieboo.xx

susanebunn said...

Oh my, a buzzard.  A bird eatiing a bird.  I am sure now, though, that Emily didn't know what hit her.  She passed on so quickly.  I just pray that Abigail will be safe now.  How is she adjusting?

In the USA, I lived in an area that had many Polish and Italian families.  There were terrible Polish jokes which really saddened me.  Linda Pluhowski was one of the smartest girls in my class, and John Rumesak was brilliant.  Both are doctors now.  You haven't lived until you've eaten Kielbasa and the eastern European cookies are to die for!  

That said, I think that a person needs to be competant to be hired for a job.  Not being able to speak the language or know the job's routes, is not competant.  

Young people have a tendency to be very judgemental because life hasn't knocked them around enough yet.  Some of them also are still under the impression that the whole world revolves around them and that what they say are real pearls of wisdom.  Life will change that perspective.



nevanddoreen said...

Hello Linda.

Well, I've kept my promise, even though it took days to get in to your blog, and I also promised to leave a comment.

My journal is about tracing my wife's lost siblings.  If we hadn't found all the sisters I would have thought you were one of them because they're all like you.  One has pet chickens, one lives quite close to you in a village called Ombersley near Redditch, all of them hate political correctness!

I finally got here when I realised that there was a double g in your link and I had been doing a single g

I sympathise with you on the Polish bus drivers thing because I use public transport a lot and my 45 minute bus journey to work often takes over an hour because of delays due to the language barrier.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog and, like Schwarzenegger, I'll be back.  Sorry about Emily, but I can't get all emotional over a chicken.  Now if it was one of my cats......I'd shoot every buzzard in the northern hemisphere.  

Hope this comment isn't too long



nevanddoreen said...

Who's an idiot then?  First I get your journal address wrong, then my own!
It should have been http://journals.aol.co.uk/nevanddoreen/familysearch

tinkerbell876838 said...

I know how it feels to lose a loved animal. One of my cats got knocked down by a car when i was 15. I was devasted....it doesn't matter if its a bird, fish, lizard or mouse you still build up a relationship with them which makes it harder when they do actually go.

coelha said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Emily!  I had a chicken named "Jenny" myself---she looked a lot like your Emily. :(   Julie

princesssaurora said...

I am so sorry that you lost your Emily!  I do hope that Abigail and you are able to comfort each other.  Pets are such a member of the family no matter what type!

be well,