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Thursday, 16 November 2006

Well, That's A New One!

I was happily reading though my Alerts, leaving comments on new entries, when suddenly I couldn't access any Journals, including my own.

All I got was 'Apache Tomcat Error'.

What on earth was that?

It seems alright again now but there have been some very odd errors this week. Another time I couldn't make any comments, or put in a new entry. If I tried I was told I needed to sign in  but the ID showing was that for my son, who lives 150 miles away and our accounts are not linked at all and if I tried to clear the ID and sign in as me it told me I was invalid!

Is anyone else having problems?




midwestvintage said...

 Your's is the only journal I have been able to get in.  New error message for me too.  Since I can get in yours maybe it is fixed.


jeadie05 said...

Lots of problems I understand ..love Jan xx

bobandkate said...

I've had similar problems Linda, but it seems OK for now. Methinks the cyberspace gods are angry with us mortal bloggers!!!

lindachapmanuk said...

Hi Linda, yes I had that exact error msge earlier on. ok now but still a bit slow! Linda xx

wrigleyrachey said...

Hi Linda, I have tried to put comments on various blogs, and they wont even open, so am trying again tonight. By the way..thank you for all your support over the last few weeks.

tinkerbell876838 said...

I havent heard of this at all. Sometimes when i write an entry its sometimes vanishes but thats about it.

andrewfrnd said...

Been having problems as well. Thanks for reminding me to update my about me section, it wont do to have you youngsters catching me up!
Andy x

nevanddoreen said...

Hi Linda,
I've been having the same problems as wrigleyrachey with blogs (including yours) which just won't open.  Sometimes I can't even get into my own!


jckfrstross said...

good old aol grrrr i haven't had any problems yet but mom had some this morning. i have gotten the apache tomcat error i thought oh no i am in a military site lol have a good friday


kerryjayne39 said...

I have had the apache tomcat thing as well before, it sounds rather exotic lol.

Poor little Emily, we used to keep bantems when I was a child, in a big coop, as well as a pig, tho not in the coop lol, we had enormous trouble with foxes.

Danny has done brilliantley over the last few months, he looks so well now that you wouldn't know he'd had a problem, bless him, and I am gratefull to the in laws, but ggrr!! lol

Have blagged the afternoon off as we have torrential rain here at the moment, don't need to get soaked to add to it, have a great weekend

susanebunn said...

I can sympathize with you.  Every time I try to email one of my friends at AOL, even if it is to "reply" her address sends me straight to AOL Helpline.  How weird is that?  



andrewfrnd said...

Yes AOL has a lot to answer for. Love your picture

beckiepainton said...

we lost our whole on line connection and only just got it back, that was a headache i can tell ya!Beckie.

photographerian said...

Hi Linda,

As you can see from my own journal, i'd written mine this morning then the connection went tits up and I lost all I'd written.  I also keep having trouble connecting at peak times.

I've phoned AOL, but they assure me it's not their fault :)

princesssaurora said...

Yes, AOL was dodgy the other day for me too!  All seems well now though!

Hope your weekend was well and that you are feeling better....

be well,