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Wednesday, 6 December 2006

The CurlyWuggle.

Just a quickie. I thought I should explain, while I was adding the photos last night I somehow crashed what I was doing and didn't finish putting on the captions.

The little toy sheep is CurlyWuggle. That was the name on his label when I bought him in Matlock, years ago. He always used to come away with us as I used to go to sleep holding him, to prevent me getting dead hands. For some reason I often push my hands in to the mattress when I sleep and then when I wake up they are completely numb.

I don't know what happened but I stopped sleeping with him. On Saturday morning I found him while I was packing and thought it was time he went on his holiday again. Then on Sunday morning he nearly got left behind as he was wrapped up in the bedcovers. So, after his lucky escape, I thought I would take a photo of him looking sheepish!!!

For Terry, who liked the look of Sidmouth, there are a few pictures of the town centre, which has some lovely shops and not an Amusement Arcade in sight.



jeadie05 said...

I enjoyed your pictures though didnt see curly wuggle ,who needs amusement arcades anyway ? ...love Jan xx

tellsg said...

Thanks for the other photos Linda.  Hmmm, its the sort of place I'd love to go to.  Oh thats sweet about CurlyWuggle, hope he gets around a bit more now.
Tomorrow we are off to Prestatyn because Rosie won a talent competition at Pontins and so she is in the finals!  I haven't been to Prestatyn before but I am sure we'll enjoy it, apart from the weather and the journey.   Wish us luck as you wave us goodbye.  Hugs.  Terry x

alimharper said...

Hi Linda.  Lovely pictures and lovely to see you and Mike on Saturday.  I found your blog quite easily by putting you into google and I'll be able to follow life at George Mansions from now on.  Love to the family Ali Harpic

beckiepainton said...

i had to shave my curlywuggle for my section, sorry thats disgusting!!!!Beckie.x

andrewfrnd said...

Love the whole of the Dorset and Devon coastline between Christchurch and Exmouth

ally123130585918 said...

Lin lovely pictures ~ I didn't get an Alert for this one ~ Ally

chunkichick said...

I love the North Devon coastline, wish I could live the dream and move SW. Anyway, while we are there, we have this habit of adopting the most south-westerly accent we can muster! ( in private of course) and my husband created a wonderful word for a heavy fog in the morinings.......he draws back the curtains and says " it be a murky muckler out there!" love it! ( love him....the mental bugger )