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Saturday, 21 July 2007

The Aftermath



The above pictures are of the brook at the bottom of my garden, last weekend.


Apart from some aches and pains and a few bruises, from the chicken rescue, I’m OK today. I’m grateful that my home is safe but the devastation that I am hearing about today is almost unbelievable.


This is how the gardens were looking by the time I'd finished rescuing the chickens, I have to realise now I had been putting my own life at risk. That is next door's large Wendy House. Those posts you can see are holding six feet tall fence panels.

I’ve just heard Mike on his Radio programme talking to a lady who is stuck on a Narrowboat on the River Avon, they are tied to a post in floodwaters and are in fear for their lives.

I could cry for all the weddings that aren’t going to happen today.

Last night the flood waters made it up onto the patio, this meant the chickens had to be moved into the garage.


Thankfully I never followed up the bee keeping idea, that's my beehive floating by.


Our road was flooded at the lower end and the end house was in danger of being flooded, people were trying to organise sandbags.

I've heard this morning she had about a foot of water in but Malcolm, our neighbourhood Super Hero, got her carpets up last night and has been helping mop up this morning.

By the time I started cooking dinner it was very late. Mike popped next door again to see if Becky was OK, as she has three children, one only a few months old. Her husband is stuck at his place of work in Gloucestershire.

Mike walked back in and called “Stand by for the Mayor and the  Leader of the local Council.” Sure enough they then passed through my kitchen to have a look at our flood. I was at this time on my second glass of wine, tired, emotional and in need of food. My hair was still dripping wet. I think it was a surreal moment for all of us.

We missed a party in Cheltenham last night. Tonight we are supposed to be having a special meal in Worcester City. That won’t happen. We can’t get into Worcester, in fact we are almost cut off from the rest of the world.

Our personal flooding is abating now but the rest will get much worse. It’ takes days for the flood waters to pass down the River Severn from Wales. I don’t like to think how much worse it can get.

Simon is safe at his Dad’s but I’m not sure he will get here tomorrow.

What a happy start to the holidays!

Other photos :-

This is the road at the other side of the playing field, just yards from our garden.



. 0706200042

The Wendy House is now gone!


Nearly on the patio!


wobblymoo said...

Gosh Linda, so glad you are safe, hope the people on the narrow boat are ok. That is some amount of water

gazker said...

OMFG Linda. I have to say, I read this with my hand over my mouth in total shock. I just can't beleive what I read! I did laugh though, when you said the mayor passed through your kitchen and you were on your second glass of wine. I bet you could have rammed the bottle up his arse for all the help he was!!!
I hope everything turns out ok for you all. Keep us in the loop if you can.
Bigs hus and pour a large one tonight...Gaz xxx

tellsg said...

Oh Linda, I was worried about you and it seems my fears have been realised.  I am so shocked and feel so sorry for all of you so affected.  If only I could help.  Its difficult to know what to say.  Its unbelievably deep outside your house.  It seems like the weather is going crazy.  Take it gently sweetie.  Hugs, Terry xx

drb1064 said...

WOW! You've left me pretty much speechless with these pics. Hope everyone is ok and stays that way.

wickedpink64 said...

Holy Crap!  OK! I will stop whinging about the weather down under now!!! Bloody Hell!  I too read this with my mouth wide open (not a good look!!) as I could only imagine how frightening it would have been for you.  And, I do confess to laughing out loud about the Mayor walking thru your kitchen too!   You are right, this is a shitty start to the summer holidays but think of it this way.... things can only get better from here... can't they???? God! I do hope so!  You are in my thoughts - dry thoughts!!!


Wendy in Oz

midwestvintage said...

We have been hearing about all the flooding and rain.  I am so sorry about all the damage and hope everyone gets out OK.  Take care and I am glad the chickens are OK.


jeadie05 said...

Linda I have been complaining about this persistant rain ,but when I look at your pictures I realise our hardship is nothing to yours ,yes you most certainly are in danger , as you have been rescuing the hens please take care ,gosh its just awful for you ,...love Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Oh I am so sorry you are having to go through all of this flooding ~ your pictures tell it all ~ how frightening it must have been ~ glad you saved the chickens ~ that sounded like a surreal moment with the Mayor and Chairman of the local Council passing through your kitchen ~ It is so sad about those weddings ~ all their planning to be ended by flooding ~ Keep safe ~ Ally x

jckfrstross said...

what pictures! the devestation oh my! keeping you all in prayer :) stay dry and hug Mike and the girls glad you all are ok


beckiepainton said...

oh my god thts awful! im praying for the rain to stop for you, chin up.Beckiex

ukgal36 said...

OMG..i am worried about my family in Oxford too..those pics gave me chills..so sad about the weddings you are right..glad you are okay...

wrigleyrachey said...

Hi, so sad to see what has happened,and how you are coping.It is hitting your part of the country really badly and I can imagine how emotional you feel because we had it once, but ok in N.Wales at the moment.I remember your lovely pics of your garden last year and your chickens...don't know what to say Linda, just keep yourselves safe and thinking of you ...
Rachel xxx

princesssaurora said...

OMG... Linda!!!  How scary!!!!  I am glad you and all your pets are safe... I am praying that you get a break from this rain!  How awful!!!!

be well,

lsrbrit said...

This is kind of surreal, I am in Tiburon California but born and raised in Worcester. I was trying to find photos on the web of the recent floods, I am coming home in August to visit. I pulled up your site in my search and it was like the "twilight zone" because my name is Also Lin, short for Linda and I too was born in 1953. Isn't that interesting!

lsrbrit said...

This is kind of surreal, I am in Tiburon California but born and raised in Worcester. I was trying to find photos on the web of the recent floods, I am coming home in August to visit. I pulled up your site in my search and it was like the "twilight zone" because my name is Also Lin, short for Linda and I too was born in 1953. Isn't that interesting!

kds1957 said...

We lived round the corner from you for 24 years now in sunny (not)Torquay, so thanks for the pictures. Incredible to see how far the brook came up in the street and down by the Coppertops. It must have been very scary to watch at the time, and awful to clear away afterwards.