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Friday, 20 July 2007

WTF is up with this weather!!!!!

I've been practising my Anglo Saxon this afternoon.


That’s not all I’ve been doing. Today is the start of the six-week Summer Break from school. What would you expect me to be doing? Sitting on the terrace enjoying a long cool G & T, gradually building up my tan for when we fly to Kefalonia next month? Yes, that would be about normal.


But….NO! We have had the rain from Hell here today. It hasn’t stopped once, not for a blithering moment and it hasn’t just been rain, ooooh no!


(Cue Marks & Spencer’s Advert with that bloody woman, with her, by now, annoying Irish accent)


“This is not just rain (breathy pause) this is S & M rain.” Only a Sadomasochist could enjoy this.


At 3pm Mike rang to say he was leaving Gloucesterimmediately. He had just finished his programme and knew I needed help dealing with the chickens.


At 5pm he still hadn’t returned and as I was talking on the phone to Flo, whilst at the same time keeping an eye on the garden, the conversation was brought to an abrupt halt as I saw the brook had broken its banks.


The chickens were rescued, one at a time, in a Sainsbury’s bag for life. They never knew the many uses these bags could be put to!


My girls are in the shed and the hen house, by now, will have floated somewhere, as has everything else. Never, in living history and probably since man has been on this planet, has this place flooded like this. I have probably used up a lifetime of swearing.


Mike finally arrived home, normally a 50 minute journey at 6.45pm.


The lady at the bottom of the road, who lost her husband in a house fire 10 years ago, is now just about to be flooded andshe has her 93 old mother living with her.


We are a bit higher up the road but I am not confident that we will keep the water out of the house. With previous floods its been a bit of fun and everything has been back to normal in an hour or two. We thought we were safe. We’ve had to seriously revise that idea.


It’s now 8.30 and its still frickin raining. We just walked across to the playing field, to try to assess the situation. The road that crosses the brook at that point is impassable, as is every road that crosses the brook. There were cars everywhere, roaring around, turning, trying the next crossing but were thwarted at each attempt. The area known as Dines Green is cut off from the rest of Worcester and I’ve heard many villages are also.


There must be so many people who just can’t get home this evening.


I’m waiting to hear Simon has arrived safely at his Dad’s in Mid Wales.


If I’m still here I will post photos later. I doubt I will get much sleep.


gazker said...

I wrote about this in my blog today too, but am pleased to say we ae on a hill, so are ok. It hasn't just rained, it's been like the tropics, even poor old Londinium, hasn't escaped the horrors of this Effing weather!
I hope everything is ok with you all and you won't get flooded.


wobblymoo said...

Oh Linda, I started off laughing at what you were saying, I really hope you manage to keep dry xxxIt's really not funny

jeadie05 said...

Linda this is getting past a joke now ,I dont think anyone has an explanation ,this time last year we were enjoying a heat wave ,and we had been promised a very hot summer again bahh ...love Jan xx

sylviam4000 said...

Weather is abyssmal to say the least. Most villages and roads around here have been flooded. Ducks on the village pond, will drown at this rate. Keep smiling. Take care.

drb1064 said...

Good god it sounds bad where you are, I feel very lucky that we manage to miss most of the really bad weather and that the fens are so well drained round here that we don't get flooded. Iwish you luck and hope the chickens are ok and that Simon arrives safe and aound.

jckfrstross said...

oh no !!! i hope you don't get flooded out. you have all the rain and we have none:( lol it figures enjoy your weekend and stay dry


beckiepainton said...

hey i got a giant infatble crocodile in my shed, if you need it ill post it asap.The woman on the M&S add always says fod instead of food!I scream at her every time, the witch! glad the bags for life came in handy, poor chickens, maybe you sould fit up a few emergency chicken life rafts incase the flood worsens.No, its no joke, i hope your still dry. beckie xx

susanebunn said...

Oh I feared this would happen to you again!  I am so sorry that you lost your chicken house and probably alot worse.  I see that you have another entry that I haven't read yet and so am going to that one!  I'm keeping you and yours in my prayers!

Susie xoxoxox

princesssaurora said...

{{{{  Linda }}}}}}

be well,