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Monday, 28 January 2008


Time is a commodity I’m very short of lately.

Friday, we were called into an unexpected staff meeting. We’d had the call. OFSTED are coming to inspect us again on Wednesday & Thursday of this week. We only had the LEA in doing the same about two months ago! Could we please be allowed to get on with our job? Rather than keep preparing for these blessed inspections. We now only get three working days notice of an OFSTED inspection. The teacher I work with was supposed to be going to Devon for the weekend but had to cancel that and come into school to make sure everything was tidy and up to date. Bloody ridiculous if you ask me.

So I am making sure we are unrealistically tidy and organised, so the inspectors can see us as they would like to see us rather than how we really are. Don’t they realise we are working with real children? Real children don’t conform to tidy!!!!

My daughter, as previously mentioned lost one of her cats on Christmas Eve.

A week ago Saturday they were coming home from town and saw, in the headlights a cat scavenging from a bag of rubbish that had blown into the road. Catherine was sure it was Milly and jumped out to see. But the cat ran away. It then started to pour with rain. Later, when it had stopped raining, she went out with a bowl of food.

At first one of the local cats came to see the food, then , a small, black cat came nervously towards her. Catherine could see the collar with the gold bell and knew it was Milly. Gradually , Milly edged towards her, until Catherine was able to grab her.

Milly is now under house arrest. She had been missing for almost four weeks, had a head full of ticks and is as thin as a rake. But she is happy to be home and doesn’t seem too interested in going outside.

Our darling Harper died just over a year ago and as I said, last entry, we have been thinking of getting a new dog.

I became very aware that I needed to re-home a dog, rather than go out and buy a puppy bred just to make some breeder a lot of money. I’d thought through all the possibilities and decided an older dog, that no one else wanted was what I wanted.

I’ve been trawling the Re-Homing websites for weeks now. I was starting to feel like some sort of voyeuristic perv, looking at all the dogs that were available. Suddenly, there was THE ONE. Had had the worst name ever for a dog his height and shape, CHUNKY.

But we could get him to change that.


We went to see him on Friday. He was the only quiet dog amongst all the others he was with. He’s been in a kennel since October.

The price of moving in with us was having his Family Jewels removed, which happened today. They also took all his tangles off, which means he looks bloody awful at present. And he stinks. So as soon as he’s healed up, he’s off for a beauty treatment at the local Dog Salon.

I love him, so I really hope things work out.

Must go now and see how he’s getting on with his new bed and the cats.


gazker said...

Oh Chunky is ADORABLE!!!! He looks like the dog I had when I was a kid, but it was a bitch called peny and ended up having 23 pups and lived till she was 15.
Gaz x

wickedpink64 said...

I think Chunky is quite spunky!  And I think he fits his name!  Good looking dog!  Lets hope the adoption goes well and you become a happy family.
And I agree with you about the inspectors.  They have to know what a flap everyone gets into before they arrive.  Why not let them see how things really run.  After all, isn't that the idea?


Wendy in Oz

stillh20z said...

OMG--I've missed so much! SO here's the short version.

As for work? Blech!


I am happy about Milly's return--I love love love the kitchen! Whoever did your tile work is a true artisan! The pooch is an angel and I am glad you saved him. Lucky pooch. Give him a kiss from the USA.

And for you, Missy--I am glad to hear you and yours are all well, happy and safe this night.

U know who & Co.  ;)

jckfrstross said...

so what is the new doggies name? did i miss it? love how he has a new home:) have a good week. hope the inspection goes well


ukgal36 said...

he is so cute! What's his name?

wobblymoo said...

Aww, he is lovely, he looks sad there but I'm sure he isn't

ally123130585918 said...

Surely those inspectors must realise that things are not always so tidy in the class rooms ~ Glad your Daughter got Milly back ~ is CHUNKY the name for the new addition to your family ? ~  he is a lovely boy ~ Ally x

jeadie05 said...

Hope the ofsted inspection went well ,so pleased Catherine got Milly back ,and your new fella is gorgeous look at that face ..love Jan xx

susanebunn said...

Ofsted!  Aaaahhhhhh!!! That dreaded inspection hangs over everyone's head that is in education in this country!  I feel so sorry for your teachers!  I think my school is due next year for another snoop around.  Everyone sweats blood over it!  I'm so glad that your daughter got her poor little cat back.  That was a real miracle!  I like Rowley and I think he will adjust to your home quite well.  Right now I'm sure he is wondering just what is going on in his life.  I really look forward to reading about his progress and how you are giving him a lovely new secure life now!
Big Hugs,

stillh20z said...

*A belated note: Will look for a UK version of LTV for you--and I saw Sweeney Todd here recently, and I love love loved it!

*thanks for the email--I've been muddling through--will get you a nice long newsey one asap!



pm71blackfen said...

Hi Linda,  Sorry this is a late comment, I've been having problems with my computer for a few weeks and I'm now catching up!  I just read UKgal's (Lyn's) most recent entry and in your comment you said you didn't get any readers!  I've always looked forward to reading your entries and remember how I missed them when you took a short break yourself, just be reassured that you DO have readers and we're now waiting for another episode!  Mind you, I can talk, I haven't written anything since December!  That's something I need to rectify soon.  Hope you're well.  Love, Pat

beckiepainton said...

My parents got thier chow from an elderly breeder who passed away, he lived in a barn full of geese(the dog, not the old lady!) and stunk awful when they got him, he was the runt of the litter.This was 11 years ago, hes old now, has artritis and apparently, no ankles!We always wondered why he walked the way he did, his little legs sort of go round in circles rather that straight walking, bless him.Beckie x

tellsg said...

Hiya, I have managed to get a few mins on here and catching up with you.  I absolutely love your new dog and so pleased that he has found a lovely home with you.  Aw so sad to see him in his kennel picture.  I am sure you will have years of love and fun with him.  Hugs, Tells x