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Saturday, 19 January 2008

Someone’s Not Trying Hard Enough!

(Lot's of photos, so you may have to be patient while they download)

I didn’t go to school today. I haven’t felt right since the sickness thing at Christmas and today saw me running off to the loo again. So I decided a day of rest would be best and if I have something contagious it would be best not to pass it on. (even though I probably caught it there from the little dears in the first place)

By early afternoon the chickens were announcing to the world that they wanted to be let out, which is what I did. While I was there I collected the eggs.



Three chickens, three eggs. Hmmmm! I wonder who didn’t earn their dinner today? Chicken casserole next week? LOL!


While I was photographing the eggs, I remembered I had been asked for some photos of my new kitchen. So here are a few.


Here’s an oddity.


Strangely his colours seem to match the tiling and in a funny way we’ve become quite attached to him. I’ll explain.

At school I work as part of a team of ten Teaching Assistants. Three years ago we decided, rather than all go out buying each other Christmas presents, we would all trawl through the Charity Shops and find the most awful thing we could find for under Three Pounds. Then, on the day we broke up, we would put these wrapped items in a box and draw lots. We then have to open our present, which reduces us to knicker wetting hysteria. OMG, what you can get in Charity Shops beggars belief LOL! And this is the little darling I had this year.

The rule is, the present has to be kept on display in our house until next December, then we bring them all in to school and put them on the White Elephant Stall at the school Christmas Fayre.

At any time during the year, one of our friends may call round and do an ‘On the Spot Inspection’ to make sure it is on public display. I can’t understand how this monstrosity goes so well with the new kitchen but somehow he does.

Last Saturday we had lunch with Mum, Wilf, Catherine, Flo and Isabella. (Mum’s treat) They have these Thai friends who bought a local country pub and  they do the most divine food. The girls, who wait table, barely speak English but the moment we get there, they scoop Isabella up and take her off to play. I wish I had taken some photos of them together but with the language barrier it worries me that I may be intruding without their approval. Their dark beauty and traditional dress with little Isabella’s fair, pearlescent complexion make a wonderful contrast.

The food is wonderful but the presentation is art on a plate.


Isabella enjoying her lunch.





I was flicking through the channels last night and couldn’t see much I wanted to watch. There was something about the new Relocation, Relocation, that caught my eye but I couldn’t think what is was. So I went back for another look.

I will be the first to admit that through Mike’s job we have eaten in some spectacular places, I suppose St James Palace for lunch has to be the grandest. Eating and drinking with The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and a list as long as two arms of celebrities from screen, stage, sports and politics, all these things have been wonderfully exciting. But I am always aware that when I see someone on telly, that we have met and chatted to, it has all been down to Mike’s job.

So how strange on Thursday night to see someone that I knew, through MY work, on the telly.

This was a man, now approaching 40, who was wanting a flat in London and a house in Harrogate. Combined budget of £750,000. Poor dears, obviously on the bread-line!

This man, Johnny, or just plain John when I knew him in Cardiff, is now the MD of an International Insurance Company, with an office near to Tower Bridge, London.

When I knew him, he was an office junior, who used to do my renewal quotes for me. The last time I saw him was the morning after my leaving do, never, ever have I seen redder eyes. In fact I got called in to one of the Director’s offices, to be told off for destroying the work force by my leaving party (some hadn't made it in). .....Moi?.... As if. LOL!

I could tell you some tales from that time! In fact,as he is now so obviously rich and in a high position, I wonder if a little blackmail.........?

Life is quieter these days but I suppose, as grandparents, it’s befitting.

Looks like we escaped being flooded this time, although I don’t think the threat has passed. I’m hoping for some drier weather so we can get the allotment started but that could be a week or so yet.

Still looking for a dog, there are plenty out there but I want ‘The Right One’

Linda. x




jckfrstross said...

love the photos:) enjoy your weekend:) we have had the flu over here and its hitting the kids so i expect to get it again the little monsters lol


susanebunn said...

Oh Linda, you know how I adore your chickens and didn't want to pester you to ask how they were doing.  I'm so glad that you have three of them now!  Your kitchen is divine!  So fresh and inviting!  Isabella is a beautiful little girl, isn't she?  Bless. I hope you get your health sorted soon.  Some of those bugs can hang on for a very long time!

wickedpink64 said...

Ah Linda!  I LOVE your kitchen!  Its fabulous!  And you can't give that clown back in December, you're right - he goes with the place...lol!!!

As for the chicken eggs...clearly somebody isn't eating their greens!

Hope you are feeling better and that the flood waters miss you.  I think you had enough excitement last time to last a while there!


Wendy in Oz

gazker said...

Your kitchen looks FAB!!!!! As for Isabella, adorable.
Gaz xxx

tellsg said...

So glad the floods haven't got you this time.  The photos of your meal are amazing .... and the baby is so sweet.  I hope you get over the sicky bug, I have had a bit of it this week too.  Did you use the little egg, it is so cute.  I love the kitchen and I wanted those tiles too but Paul argued me down to plain white ... ho hum.  I like your clown, he does go well with them and you'll find it hard to part with him at Christmas.  Hugs, Tells x

andrewfrnd said...

Hope you are feeling better. Jamie Oliver would be proud of your chickens.

princesssaurora said...

I hope you find just the right pup!  Your kitchen is marvelous!!!  Thanks for sharing everything!

be well,

jeadie05 said...

Your kitchen is lovely ,and yes the clown looks very at home there against your tiles,I would be reluctant to hand him back lol ,loved the pictures of Isabella my how she has grown ,hope your tum feels better now ..love Jan xx

beckiepainton said...

I once saw a boy i went to school with on the Trisha show, apparently hes slept with over 100 women,??! why the hell would you want millions of people to know that!He was short and cheeky at school, i guess he felt he had something to prove.Beckie x

cmarlow480 said...

Wait...... you have your washing machine in your kitchen?

Wow.. I have never seen a home like that.... But where is your dryer?

PS..... I love the colorful tiles..... BEAUTIFUL kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--- Christopher