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Friday, 7 March 2008

Worcester Wafflings.

Mothering Sunday has been and gone and now the weekend is here again. Time seems to be forever accelerating .

On Sunday I was taken out for Brunch at The Glasshouse in Worcester, by Catherine . It wasn’t the original plan but Isabella was sick, so just the two of us went. Mike was working, as he always does on a Sunday.

As it was a special day, all Mothers were given a complimentary glass of Buck’s Fizz, made with freshly squeezed orange juice. We could have as much coffee as we wanted and I chose Eggs Benedict, with Parma Ham. Catherine had the smoked salmon version. It was really lovely, as was the basket of toast and butter that went with it. It was so nice for us to be able to sit and chat and relax for an hour without having to keep getting up to deal with Isabella. Lovely as she is, she isn’t a restful child!

I had a card from Simon, very simple, which just said, To the best Mum in the World. I know he wouldn’t have sent it if he didn’t mean it, so that meant a lot to me.

In the afternoon I went over to see Mum. She was on her own as Wilf had gone to see his grandaughter play football. So Mum and I had couple of hours chatting on our own, which again made a pleasant change.



Sue and I have been digging a bit more of the allotment and now have an area large enough to plant our potatoes in.



We are growing two types, Kestrel, a purple and white skinned variety, which is good for every culinary purpose and Catalona, which is a waxy, salad, or new potato. The potatoes are ‘Chitting’ nicely and should be ready to plant next week.


I was having a rummage in some folders in my office and came across the one photo in mylife of me thatI’m probably fairly happy to show. I just don’t seem to take a decent photo, ever!! It's a real blast from the past. 80's retro fashion, although thank god I never really went with the 'Big Hair' of that era. Although there was one disasterous perm. I may dig that out for my next entry.



This was taken in Pembrokeshire, South Wales, in May of 1985 or 6. We were walking along a lane in Lawrenny and there were carpets of bluebells and other flowers that were just begging to be photographed. I loved that pink flying suit. I ordered it from a catalogue . I think it cost about £32 and I wore it until it fell off me.

Seeing the photo made me think seriously about my weight, so Sue and I plan to join Slimming World next week. I want to be Slimmer of the Year. Watch this space!!!!


It’s all comings and goings this weekend. Thomas, who was Flo’s Best Man at their wedding is arriving from Germany this afternoon. I have Isabella here tonight, so that they can go into town for the evening. And Simon and Tori are off to Brussels for the weekend on the Eurostar. I had text earlier saying they were on the way and drinking free champagne. Hope they think to bring some chocolate back with them.


Rowley seems to have taken over the furniture in this house, he certainly knows how to act deaf but he’s a lovely boy and as the sofa’s are getting old now, I find it hard to move him when he looks so comfortable.





I’ve been enjoying lots of naughty food this week, knowing that next week a lot of it will be

‘off limits’.

This was a curry I was making and the colours just looked lovely whenI added the coconut milk. I had to take a picture.




Tomorrow, Catherine and I are taking Isabella into town, to have her photographed for the local newspaper's Baby of the Year competition. We know she should win but then, of course, we are biased!


Have a good weekend and Gaz! Only just over two weeks to the wedding!!!!! Can't wait for some photos. Here's a link to his wedding shower Blog.




sunnyside46 said...

your dog is so precious!
yeah < I wanna see the perm!
weren't we all mad to do that to ourselves?
I had one too, me of the Native American straight hair...what was I thinking?

jckfrstross said...

have a wonderful weekend:)


princesssaurora said...

Rowley does look so comfy!!!!  Look at you in the jumpsuit!  I love it!  Glad you had a marvy Mom's Day!

be well,

cornwalldreckly said...

Rowley looks so cute, my dog Megan has selective deafness too!  Your 1980's picture rekindled many fashion memories, the perm was probably my biggest mistake and photos from that time cause my children to dissolve into uncontrolled laughter.

susanebunn said...

Conveniently deaf!  Your Rowley is looking better everytime I see him.  Your curry looks yummy too!  I'm so glad you had a lovely Mum's Day.  

gazker said...

I can't believe it, all your photo's have a cross on them. I can't see a bloody thing!
Gaz xxx

ally123130585918 said...

Loved your photographs especially the one in your jump suit ~ maybe one day they will come back into fashion :o)  Glad you had a good Mothers day  ~ and hope you are "Slimmer of the Year"  :o) ~ Ally x

jeadie05 said...

Busy as ever ,my that is a lot of digging ,Your Mothers day sounded lovely ,Mum and daughter ..daughter and Mum lol ..Those cat suits were lovely till you wanted to wee lol ,you look lovely in yours ...love Jan xx

wickedpink64 said...

Did you get that flying suit from the girl in ABBA??? I am sure I saw her in that on the front cover of their album - the one with the helicopter!!!!  ROFL!!!  
Glad you got to spend some one on one time with both your daughter and your mum. Isabella is a shoe in to win the baby contest - let us know what happens!


Wendy in Oz

beckiepainton said...

I dont know why i havn't been here sooner, what an idiot.Your curry looks yummy, i love mild coconutty currys maybe one day you could share your recipie!My mum had a similar outfit to yours but it was yellow just like Anneka Rice's, she did have an 80s perm and dramatic eyeshadow and wore 'poison'  perfume by dior.Glad Rowley is allowed on the furniture, whats the point in owning a dog if he isnt allowed on the sofa?Coincidentley, Rowley is my nickname for Mark, ha!He is also allowed on the furniture-just!   ;) beckie x ps..i like your journal colours!

wobblymoo said...

Your curry looks fab, glad you managed to get a peaceful meal :)