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Monday, 24 March 2008






Rowley seems none the worse for his incident on the field, in fact, if anything, he’s been slightly better behaved when other dogs have been near him when out walking.

Catherine, Flo & Isabella came for dinner on Easter Sunday but Isabella wasn’t very well, she appears to have a cold. I think this is the cold Mike started last week and then passed on to me.

I’ve had to sleep in the guest bedroom for over a week now, as Mike has had one of those coughs. I think they call it an irritating cough. In fact I’m sure it must be because it’s irritating the hell out of me!! How can anyone be so LOUD? I’ve missed all the important bits from the news, weather forecasts, who did the murder, punch line to jokes. The list is endless. He doesn’t even have to be in the same room to do this. His cough is so huge I think the neighbours are planning to get an ASBO slapped on him. It is about the equivalent to Concorde going through the Sound Barrier! I’ll give him another couple of days and then he is going to the doctor’s.

Today, Easter Monday, we went to my sister’s in Shifnal, Shropshire. She put on a lovely spread and a good time was had by all. Her partner’s daughter put on an Easter Egg hunt for Isabella, which she loved.

After she'd collected them all, without anyone saying a word to her, she started sharing them out with everyone there.

Then Isabella entertained us with songs like Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and some rabbit song I’d not heard before. I wish I had thought earlier about videoing her.


I’ve been practising for the Race for Life and met up with two friends on Sunday, they will be doing the Race with me. We walked round Sandwell Valley, the venue for the Race and visited the farm. My camera was at home, so there are no shots but I will have to go again and take some, it’s an amazing place. I’ll save the details for another time.

My potatoes have been chitting nicely in the dining room, I’m just waiting for some warmer weatherto go and get them planted at the allotment.

This is such a dull entry and that’s how I’m feeling right now, DULL. I’m lacking in energy, my ‘get up and go’ has got up and gone. There needs to be some BIG changes in mylife. I just hope I can find the strength to make them.


princesssaurora said...

I am so happy that your Easter was good!  I am sorry Mike is sick and cutting into your tv!  LOL

be well,

jeadie05 said...

Not at all dull ,floppy tails and curly whiskers ,my Grandchildren used to sing that ,and Isabella is so enjoying it isnt she ? and isnt she busy? filling the great big basket , that is bigger than she is lol ..love Jan xx

cornwalldreckly said...

Rowley is so cute!  Everything my husband does is loud - all the time, even when he is cleaning his teeth, so you are lucky if yours is only noisy on a temporary basis.  I agree it is annoying, especially when you get woken up.


jckfrstross said...

the crud is going around here too:( come on spring:) have a good week


susanebunn said...

So glad to know that you're Easter was lovely and bright!  Rowley is a classic, he is!  We had snow, snow snow over here in East Anglia.  In fact, there's more snow today!  Aaaahhh!!!!

wickedpink64 said...

Ah Linda! I just caught up with all your adventures!  You and Rowley have been busy, haven't you!!!  I wish I could see you and Catherine lying in wait for that demented womans return to the field...lol... you made me laugh so hard with that story, although I understand it was no laughing matter when it happened and I would have had the same bewildered look on my face as you and I would probably have wanted to smack her in the head as well!

Anyway, glad you had a nice Easter break and good luck with your Race for Life.  As you know we do Relay for Life every year here and its coming up on April 5/6 so I will think of you too!  And don't be so harsh on yourself - its about how we feel on the inside not just the outside that counts!  A damaged, slightly battered container shows an adventurous journey I think!!!  Don't think I want to arrive at the pearly gates in pristine condition - that wouldn't be any fun at all!!!!... enjoy the ride!


Wendy in Oz

andrewfrnd said...

My Mother had a saying about people who shared there illness with others, If you were a horse they would of shot you by now!

Andy xx

wobblymoo said...

Awww loved seeing Isabella do the actions to that song

beckiepainton said...

I dont know why but I get alerts when somebody adds a comment to your journal but not for an entry?!Strange, Rowley and My Rolly could be twins you know, big brown eyes and droopy face.Beckie x