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Sunday, 13 July 2008

I am still here!

It’s been more than a month since The Race for Life and I have been told off for not getting an entry in about it. Where has that time gone? For those who were wondering, no, I wasn’t hospitalised after the event, just madly busy. A big thank you to all those who sponsored me, I raised a total of just over £200, an amount matched by the other members of The Black Country Gob team.

It was a beautiful day


and everything went well for us. We didn’t do a wonderful time, due to the vast number of us cramming into paths, that were only wide enough for two at times.


The Black Country Gob team did it in an hour. My sister and niece went off with the runners at the front (very ambitious) and they got round in 35 minutes. Not bad but I don’t see the 2012 Olympics beckoning.



I would definitely like to do it again next year.

The Race coincided with the arrival of Catherine’s In Laws, Vera and Biff, so the next few days were taken up in entertaining them. We did Cream Tea in the Cotswolds (Chipping Camden),

a real Indian food night out and then I had them all round for dinner here at George Mansions. So it was a busy few days and then at the end of the week, we had Isabella’s second birthday party.

The following week there was the annual Year trip to The Butterfly Farm at Stratford upon Avon.  We also went on a boat trip on the River Avon, this is how the Royal Shakespeare Theatre is looking at the moment.


It rained almost all the time we were outside but it didn’t spoil the day. It was just a little annoying though to find ,when we returned to Worcester, only about 20 miles away, that it had been dry there all day! So I still had to go and water the allotment!

Then I went on a Year 2 trip, all day to Worcester Cathedral. I must say that I think a morning would have been enough, we were all flagging by half past two.


Two Friday’s ago it was the School Summer Fayre.



One of the teachers I work with got the chance to put into practice the 'Positive Handling' Course we went on recently, whilst restraining a truculent, oversized bear.

What hard work that  day was was. Humping tables and putting up Gazebos and later dismantling them.

We had the annual Family Picnic on the last Sunday in June. It rained but were we deterred, no, of course not, we’re British!

I would show you some pictures but AOL has decided to not let me. I'll try to put those in later.

Catherine and I have bought tickets for a sort of festival weekend in September, We shall be camping. The first time I have ever been to a camping event. I did have a tent on a farm in Mid Wales when I was eighteen but to be honest, the only thing I remember from that was the sex!! LOL!!! And being woken at 6 am by a sheep that had climbed onto the roof and was licking the canvas. I was with S H who was the first love of my life and we were together for nearly three years.

Anyway, Catherine and I are going to a sort of mystical, healing weekend, which also celebrates the Old Gods and therefore the seasons. I was talking about this in the Staff Room at school. We have a couple of ‘Happy Clappy’ Christians. They like to go on Christian camping weekends, yet you would have thought I had said I was going on a boil a baby weekend. I am totally tolerant of other people’s beliefs and religions but it strikes me that the more zealous you are of your own beliefs, the less tolerant you are of other people’s. This opinion was reinforced by watching Louis Theroux (sp?) recently who spent some months with a truly horrid religious group in America. They were billed as the most hated family in America. I can understand, after seeing the programme, why people would think that.

So when I return from the weekend, I shall take pleasure in showing off my photos of the Wicker Man ceremony because I believe I have as much right to my beliefs as anyone else and as we won‘t actually be hurting, or killing anyone, (unlike the film) and only trying to heal people and this ravaged land of ours, why would anyone have a problem with it? Who is to say who is right?


gazker said...

((((((LINDA)))))) I wondered where you had gone. I'm in Stratford tomorrow as we are opening anew store there.
Gaz x

ally123130585918 said...

Linda nice to see you ~ sounds like you have been having a busy time ~ loved the pictures ~ didn't you all do well from your sponsers to collect that amount of Money ~ Ally x

susanebunn said...

Hi Linda!  One of our faculty is battling cancer right now and so three of our staff did the Race for Life.  One of our teachers came in first!  The most belligerent Christian on our staff is one that slams doors in children's faces on Halloween announcing that she is a Christain and gossips at every chance she gets.  A miserable old cow!  I cannot understand how someone like that gets their head around acting that way!  I think the belief of harming none and do as one wills is a very powerful one and for all of its simplicity, a difficult one to master.  I'll take it any day!  You enjoy your weekend and post those pictures!

Big Hugs,

cmarlow480 said...

LOL at Boil a baby oh your a riot !

glad your back been wondering where you have been for the last month!!!

~ Christopher ~

brodietrish said...

I think we should live and let live. Different experiences broaden the mind and make us more interesting people. Love Pat

midwestvintage said...

 Sounds like you did well on the race and it was for a great cause.  Isabella is getting so big and just beautiful.


beckiepainton said...

sounds like great fun, beware, the Blair Witch!!I havnt had the inspiration to write lately, nothing mad has happenend apart from tys potty training, crappy work and school runs. great fun! Beckie x plus aol is being A bit of an arse, i did write a whole entry for the lot to dissapear when i saved it GRRRR! I knew i should of wrote it in 'word' first.

princesssaurora said...

I would LOVE to see your wicker man pics!  That is so awesome!  Although raised catholic, I lean toward the godess myself!!!  

be well,

wickedpink64 said...

Great pics, Linda!  Glad you enjoyed your Race for Life too!  Your weekend away sounds wonderful (except for the tent bit!!!!) I hope the weather is kind to you and can't wait to see the pics from that.


Wendy in Oz

jeadie05 said...

Very well done ,running the race for life Linda ,extremely worthwhile thing to do ,if you can !,my sister did it too in a similar time to yours ,I truly believe you have a right to your beliefs ,as much as the born again lot ,Im not born again  the belief I started out with , and it remains true ! am I allowed to say that? Your pictures are lovely ..love Jan xx

jckfrstross said...

wow you have been busy:) hope you enjoy the rest of the summer
can't wait to see the pictures