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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Much Marcle Steam Rally

Today we went to the Much Marcle Steam Rally. Much Marcle means three things to me. It’s where Weston’s Cider is made, it’s adjacent to where my father in law was born and lived his young life and it’s where Fred West lived and buried his first wife and child. (in the Finger Post field)

It’s sort of in the back of beyond but near to the M50 and if ever a place was rural, then this is it.

We arrived for Mike to open the Rally and he was invited to enter the ring on Lord Lascelles, considered the finest Traction Engine in the world.



Here are some of the other exhibits











Good to see that it's not just old men that have a love for these machines.



Not everything is exclusively steam, there is room for petrol,




and even paraffin,




oh, and not forgetting pedal power.


But my favourites were the farm machinery.




I loved the way two Traction Engines pulled this plough up the field, with two extra people for ballast.


I remember a combine harvester like this on the farm where I used to spend my school holidays, this one is from 1963!! It makes me feel a bit of an antique!


It was one of the best days out we have had in a long time.

It continues tomorrow, 20th July, if you are near enough to visit.

And next weekend is the Welland Steam Rally (next to the Malvern 3 Counties Showground) which is even bigger. 25th, 26th & 27th




wickedpink64 said...

Loved the pics Linda!  I am so jealous that your skies are blue and the weather looks lovely!  Glad you had a good day out and if I were closer, I would have come and had a look myself!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


Wendy in Oz

ally123130585918 said...

What beautiful old machines ~ and I loved the pedal power ~ thanks for sharing your day ~ Ally x

susanebunn said...

Oh Linda, these are marvelous pictures!  I'm so glad you had a great day out!  My husband and I have a love for those steam engines too!


andrewfrnd said...

Love steam rally's I suppose there is something reassuring in them as if to say that yes you might of put someone on the moon but us old faihfuls are still here.


wrigleyrachey said...

Hi Linda, what an amazing entry.Must show Aneurin ,as he loves steam rally's.We havent seen any as exciting as your photo's of your visit to the rally.What fantastic photo's.So glad you and Mike had a great day.

cornwalldreckly said...

Hi Linda, Robbie loved the steam engine pictures and I liked the ones of the farm machinery.  Much Marcle is such an amazing place name, it sounds like something out of Midsomer Murders!

gazker said...

Loved this entry. We go to the narrow boat show every year which looks very similar except, ones on water, ones on the earth. I know these are man made machines, but they kinda bring you closer to nature huh?
Gaz x

beckiepainton said...

That looks like such a nice place, my parents used to drag us round steam rallys and bus rallys when we were kids, i never apreciated it then, I just remeber getting sunburnt and eating stale ham rolls on the way home and being bothered by wasps.i enjoyed the military stuff though. Beckie x

bobandkate said...

Hi Linda,
Glad to see you still posting such interesting items. Love the old machinery. Thanks for a real trip down memory lane,