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Monday, 1 September 2008

That Was The Summer?

Yes, it has been a long time!

I missed my 3 year anniversary of George Mansions, that was on the 20th August. I’m not going to make excuses for the dearth of entries. It has been for various reasons but the chief one is I’ve been ill for almost the whole of the six week summer holiday. I’ve been suffering from a virus, at least, I think that’s what it was and I’ve been in a very dark place for weeks.

The school holidays started so well, the first week the weather was good and I spent hours at a time working on the allotment and was feeling really good, there were so many things I planned to do. On the Wednesday Catherine and I took Isabella to a Teddy Bear's Picnic in aid of the local Hospice. Isabella had a lovely time and went in the paddling pool.



The weather at the end of that first week was wonderful and on the Saturday night I went with my friend Lucy to the open air Bretforton Silver Band Concert. We took a picnic and watched the fireworks that went on until after 11pm. I don’t think I got a chill but somehow I didn’t feel right after then.

On the Monday Catherine phoned me from Pembrokeshire and said how wonderful the weather was and to get down there with my tent. So off I went, with the top down on my car. Got as far as Raglan and the heavens opened and that was it. Three soggy days in a tent and on the second night a gale blowing. Several tents blew down and I was woken at 1am by the inner part of my tent buffeting me and then I realised there were flashing lights , grown ups shouting and kids screaming. I’m thankfull that my tent withstood it all perfectly and Catherine’s had some small leaks but nothing too serious.


This is my tent

The next weekend was the Hen Day & Night of an old friend. I went to her first wedding 20 years ago. By day we had a minibus out to the Cotswolds for a country wine tasting experience. I have to say Carolyn, it was certainly that!! What a laugh!! Carolyn had booked it through the Internet. There was no charge, they just hope you’ll buy some of their products.

We arrived and the minibus driver thought he’d taken us to the wrong place and got out to check but no, it was the right place. How would I describe it? Overgrown, disused, derelict? Yep that would be about right.

The owner looked like he was prematurely old, or, was quite youthful for someone who was old. Can’t be sure on that one. Ageing hippy would describe him well and his socks and sandals were the topic of conversation for hours to come.

In the evening we went to a Ball at the Worcester County Cricket Ground , a beautiful setting, where Catherine and I got dressed up in posh frocks and then got quite drunk. I danced for hours, something I haven’t done for years.


Above, my usual, frozen, hurry up and take it pose!

I found at the end of the evening I was being chatted up by a chap with no front teeth. We’d been looking at him earlier when he was ’Dirty Dancing’ with someone that looked old enough to be his Dad in drag!!! Don’t know what happened to him/her. But we’d been told the chap with no teeth was Hungarian. When I found he’d joined my table I asked him where he came from, he replied Dudley, which nearly caused me to choke with laughter. He didn’t help matters when he apologised for the way he looked and explained ‘I’m in between teeth’. Actually, I know someone else from Dudley who has no front teeth, I wonder if it’s the latest thing back in my home land?

On the Monday it was obvious this slight unwellness was getting a grip and I’ve suffered from a sort of gastric flu, which turned into a sinus and chest infection ever since. It really turned bad when I went down to Plymouth the following Saturday, I was only a bit sniffley then but of course it was the second weekend of Factory Fortnight and it took SIX bloody hours to get to Plymouth. I normally do it in under three! But I had a lovely dinner out with Simon and Tori, even although I couldn’t taste much of it.

Then, coming back on the Sunday, I think it was while I was parked in the fast lane of the M5, somewhere near Weston, I decided to get out and get a magazine from the boot and my bottle of Conovia Cough Medicine and much to the amusement of the vehicles parked around, I started swigging cough medicine from the bottle. It was at that moment that I realised I was really not very well and was wondering about the possibility of getting the Air Ambulance to come and get me out of that five mile car park. So that was another six hour journey back home.

The following weekend was Caroline’s wedding, that was a blur, couldn’t taste a thing. I hardly knew where I was. The wedding was at 4 and we went home at 8.30. But she looked lovely, as always. I would show you a photo but for some reason AOHell won't upload any  photos from the day!!!!!! 

Since then I got worse and now I am slowly getting better.

So that was my miserable summer. I could mention the weather but that’s a topic best avoided.

Actually, it wasn’t all doom and gloom, I did manage a day out last Sunday with Lucy. It was our annual girlie day out and I was determined to go, dead or not!

We had planned to go to West Wales but I knew I couldn’t cope with the distance, so we went to Tyntesfield, only an hour away (well it is with my driving <LOL>) . I think it was a bit mind over matter because I felt fine mostly, only half way round the house I had a little sit down and fell asleep!! I don’t think anyone noticed though. <LOL>

Then we went a couple of miles down the road to Clevedon, a great favourite of Sir John Betjeman . It was a little windy but some rare sunshine too. We walked along the restored Pier. What a treat, it doesn’t have the usual amusement arcades. Every plank has 3 brass plaques of names of people who donated to the restoration. Not to mention larger plaques over the benches. You could spend the day reading the stuff that’s there and some are famous people, like John Craven, from his Newsround and Mike Read. Some of the comments are really amusing. Marriage proposals and all sorts

There's a two story building at the end of the Pier and as we approached it, we were delighted to find it was the Pagoda Tea Room, with a balcony that ran all the way around it.


They offered Cream Teas. Well, it would have been rude to decline, wouldn’t it?

Tomorrow I go back to school. I don’t feel at all rejuvenated but I shan’t worry about that because I shall be handing in my notice. At last I have the job of my dreams, I shall be working from home doing music research and at last, without it being in the slightest bit scandalous,….I get to sleep with the Boss!!!!!


wickedpink64 said...

Sorry to hear you have been a bit under the weather Linda.  I do hope that giving your notice will make for a miraculous recovery!!!  I think that would do it for me!!!

Loved hearing about all your little trips during the hols and you looked quite smashing in the photo before the ball too!

Photos of the wedding and the allotment would be good too when AOHELL lets you!  I hope your new boss doesn't work you too hard!

Congrats and hugs

Wendy in Oz

sunnyside46 said...

you are one tough lady !

pm71blackfen said...

Hi Linda, I was only thinking this morning that I'd like to see an entry from you!  I'm so sorry that you've been ill for so long, not that we've had any nice weather to enjoy this summer!  It hasn't stopped you writing such an informative and amusing entry though - I loved reading about all your events.  The photo of Isabella is absolutely lovely, what a beautiful smile she has!
I really had to laugh at some of your exploits!  The wine-tasting, the chap from Dudley with no front teeth - I can just imagine it, I'd love to have been there! "In between teeth" indeed!!

I can't finish without saying how lovely you looked for the ball, frozen smile as well!  As for handing in your notice...good for you! I would have gone back to work last week had I not retired and it's a lovely feeling knowing I haven't got to travel into London any more in this sort of weather!   Love, Pat   http://journals.aol.co.uk/pm71blackfen/ramblings-from-pat/

tellsg said...

As usual, giggled at your entry.  Sorry you have not been well but you looked fantastic in your party finery.  Isabella sweet as ever and growing up quickly.  Congratulations on your new job, I have a new one too but I am definitely not going to sleep with my new boss!  Hugs, Tells x

jeadie05 said...

So sorry to hear you have had such a poorly holiday ,but in spite of it you managed to fit alot in ,Hasnt Isabella grown up ? shes gorgeous just like her Gran you looked lovely in your ball gown ,you were brave to go off with your tent ,I dont fancy that at all lol ,Well done getting the job of your dreams and erm getting to sleep with your boss hee hee ..lovre Jan xx

cornwalldreckly said...

I'm sorry you have been so unwell.  It was good to catch up and as usual you made me smile - especially about the man from Dudley.  By the way I have been plodding on with Robbie's family tree and I found that he has ancestors from Rowley Regis.  He fell about laughing when I tried to pronounce it, but I often have that problem with West Midlands place names.  
Best Wishes Christine

ukgal36 said...

I have missed your sense of humour!
hope you are feeling up to par soon..your new job sounds great..
take care

gazker said...

You poor thing, I hope your'e feeling better now.
As for the Hungarian from Dudley. He's avin a larf ain't he?
Gaz xxx

beckiepainton said...

What a shame you were poorly over summer, i dont think anyone done anything really, the crap weather certainly didnt help, will update my journal soon, still , have fun sleeping with your boss, music research you say? wonder how much actuall reasearch goes on! well take care! Beckie x

susanebunn said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you have been ill all summer break.  You sure packed alot of stuff in though, in a very short period of time!  I'm sure the children will miss you at school.  Are you giving a month's notice?  I too was hired for a new job - yesterday!  We move on, don't we?  I hope you will recoop now!