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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Shocking Celebrity Photo!!!

The Easter Holidays are almost over and it will be back to school on Monday. I don’t think I can go, I’ll have to get Mum to write me a note. We’ve hardly touched the garden and the allotment is only about 8% sorted. Half the time the weather has just been too bad to want to do any gardening.

Yesterday we went to Bridgemere Garden Centre, near Nantwich. It’s probably the biggest garden centre in Britain. It’s enormous but so efficiently run . The food, although not cheap, is excellent . We had home made Leek & Butterbean soup with a hunk of real bread and a wedge of Cheshire cheese. Because of my diet, I gave half my cheese to Mike and we shared a piece of Carrot Cake, so I was quite a good girl.

We bought a load of plants to fill some gaps, mostly caused by the floods last summer, although the chickens haven’t helped!

The chickens are now confined to barracks. We’ve moved them back down the garden and made them a run. This summer Isabella will be out playing in the garden (if we get the right weather) and I can’t have her tumbling around in chicken pooh! Also it would be nice to be able to have the back door open without fear of ‘invaders’ on the scrounge for cat food!!.

We have made a start on the garden and I hope in a week or two it will be looking good enough to take some photos. Right now it still looks awful. I couldn’t bring myself to do anything after the floods. It was too soul destroying.

On the way to Bridgemere we stopped to photograph this. A Horseshoe Tree.




When I lived in Whitchurch, Shropshire, we used to pass this regularly but as I was still in my 20’s, it never really interested my that much. Now, with my Family History interests and knowing I am descended from several Blacksmiths, I found it much more interesting.


Especially as the forge is now closed and it looks as if the oddity may be under threat of being removed. I wonder what year the bottom horseshoes date back to?

Just up the road is the village of Hodnet, which has this wonderful shop. The restore Rocking horses and sell them and other vintage and antique toys.



Somewhere to go when I win the Lottery I think.

Slimming World is the diet club I’ve joined and I am trying most of the time and am pretty good with food. It’s just that I do take my eye off the ball with the Syns some days. Saturday we took Flo’s Uncle on the Severn Valley Railway and I’m afraid I really went of the rails then!!









I managed to lose a pound in the last week, so that make 6 pounds in three weeks. If I can keep up an average of 2 pounds a week, I shall be very happy.

Mike’s been working very hard lately and it’s good that he has a few days off with me this week. Last Friday, I think it all caught up with him. I came upstairs to have half an hour on the computer before going to bed. He stayed downstairs to watch Qi. Within minutes I could hear snoring. When I finished I went down and tried to wake him. Nothing doing! I prodded and poked. Nothing. I wobbled his bottom lip, so that he made a funny noise whilst snoring. Still nothing. I was getting a bit fed up then. So I thought I’d get the camera and takes some photos of me waggling his lip. Then a little decoration seemed like a good idea . So I got a scarf from the hooks in the hall and draped it around his head. A rose from the vase nearby added a little extra ‘Je ne sais quoi’.



He doesn't even know I took this. I think I may be in trouble now!!


I have had a reader of my Blog sponsor me in the Race for Life, which is very kindbut I can’t see from the website how to thank her personally. If you read this Pat, thank you very much. I think I know who you are but I’m not certain and I don’t want to embarrass someone by thanking the wrong person. My Webpage Link

Mike and Rowley (led by me) have been invited to open a dog show at Eastnor Castle on my birthday, the 20th of this month. I just hope Rowley doesn’t make it a birthday to remember by attacking all the contestants!

Ah well, off to do some more digging now.



cornwalldreckly said...

I lived the pictures - poor Mike!  My family break up for their school holidays tomorrow, they didn't have them at Easter as it was too early.


beckiepainton said...

I thought the horse shoe tree was an actuall tree.Then realised it was made from horseshoes, duh!Easter holidays start next week for us but Jordans been off already with a tummy bug.Well donr for losing the weight, sounds like your doing it the right way, ive still got a spare tyre round my middle, strangely, i dont really care no more, plus ty needs someone comfy for his head.Although he does call my belly a bum, which is quite worrying.He slaps it too, to make it wriggle.
Take care, love to Issabella and the chickens.Nice photo mike! Beckie x

ally123130585918 said...

Easter was too early this year ~ our children go back to school next week ~ and you are so right the weather has been so bad we can't even cut the grass it is so wet ~ I think that Horseshoe tree is great ~ I hope it will be saved as some kind of monument :o) Loved your pictures ~ and good luck with your diet 2lbs a week would be a great thing to achieve  ~ Ally x

princesssaurora said...

LOL Mike looks just dahhhhling!!!  An Eva Gabor look alike!  He is going to pay you back for that later!  I can't wait to see the pics... that flood was just awful... I am so glad your yard is bouncing back!

be well,

wickedpink64 said...

Ah you an evil woman with that photo of Mike.... and I loved it!  Totally something I would do to John too!!!...lol...

Can't wait to see picks of your garden.  I know the damage of the floods last year was bad but it will be beautiful again in no time.

Loved the horseshoe tree but most of all the Rocking Horse shop!  Looks like it could be a puzzle picture!

Enjoy your last weekend before school goes back.


Wendy in Oz

jckfrstross said...

enjoy your weekend:) loved the pictures


susanebunn said...

Wow!  A horshoe tree! I've never seen anything like that before either.  I bet there's a great story behind that!  As for your chickens, I remember you saying once that while you were busy on the computer you could hear one of your chickens talking to herself down in the dining room.  She was exploring and so it goes . . .   I also remember you losing one of your chickens to a vulture, so perhaps the chicken run is the best thing all the way around.  My heart goes out to you trying to put things right after the flood.  The whole time you are doing it, you are reliving those horrible days.  That can't be easy for your emotions and heart either, can it?  Let's hope it is once in a lifetime!  Loved the picture of your hubby!  He looks like a gypsy to me!

jeadie05 said...

So pleased you  shared the picture of the horse sho tree ,not sure about the one of Mike I think he might be annoyed lol ,perhaps he wont see it ? the picture of Isabella is adorable ...love Jan xx

eekiepurr said...

Oh boy! he's not the sultan of swing is he? love the blog,always brings a smile.Best of luck with the gardening-surely we must be due some good weather soon& think how good it will be to have your ''own -grown'' for Sunday lunch.
  all the best   Jenny.

libragem007 said...

that is a funny, humorous picture..looked like your creativity juices were flowing that day :-D

cute picture of little Flo..soo cute!
Gem :-)