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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Cake and other, less important, matters.

I’ve been a bad, bad, Blogger!! I just don’t get around to writing as often as I should.

The weekend before last was my birthday and every moment was accounted for.

On the Saturday I went up to Rowley Regis, home of my fore-fathers and checked into a small hotel. There I met a lady I had never met before. We have been ’online friends’ for a couple of years now, maybe longer. We have both been researching our family from Rowley Regis and as she had come down from Scotland on a business trip, we decided to meet up and to extend the invitation to other members of the website that we use.

As soon as we met, face to face, we knew we would get on. We spent Saturday afternoon at the Black Country Museum and had a whale of a time, going down the mine, eating chips fried in dripping and as she said “ Helping out the ladies in the cake shop” by eating up their stock.

In the evening we rolled down the hill from the hotel to an old, traditional Black Country, real ale pub, where we met up with other Members of the website. One of them was a girl I worked with when we were 17 and 18 years old . We hadn’t seen each other for 37 years, yet I knew her as soon as she walked in the door. I’ve no idea when I ever spent from 6.30 until, being thrown out, after midnight, in a pub but we had the best time. Everyone got on so well, it was as if all our online banter had just developed into 3D.

I don’t know if it could ever be as good again but we certainly hope to try.

Sunday was my birthday and I went out for tea and cake with Catherine, Flo and Isabella.

Then Monday was our wedding anniversary, our 24th. We had dinner at the Glasshouse, run by Shaun Hill, who used to own The Merchant House at Ludlow, which was considered to be the best restaurant in England. The food was fabulous and the best thing is, it’s not terribly expensive. We’re going there for Brunch this coming Sunday, which will be Mike’s birthday. May the fourth, as in Stars Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you!!

This last weekend was the open garden at Little Larford, Astley Burf . I went two years ago and posted a photo of Catherine, looking largely pregnant. This time I went with her and Isabella. Flo stayed home to watch the Grand Prix.


Mike had done a feature on the opening in his gardening programme. This year there were 20,000 tulips and 3,000 Narcisii.




These were a variety being trialed for a bulb producer. They were my favourite, I think. There are over 140 varieties there, so it's hard to be sure!



And here's my little Isabella Rose, amongst the tulips.



Just a few of the many varities of tulips there.


He’d better not feature it next year! It was far too popular, we couldn’t manage to get any of their wonderful Raspberry fresh cream cake, which was very disappointing.

Isabella is so funny. We went to the farm shop after the garden and as soon as I pulled up outside, she said “Cake!!” She remembered we’d been there the week before for cake.

They had been to Stoke for a fancy dress party the day before. Isabella was dressed as Stephanie from Lazy Town. She looked so cute, I will get some photos of that soon. When the other people turned up in costume, she was a bit scared and started saying. “Mummy’s car, home” She may not say a lot but she knows how to get her point across.

She can count to fourteen in English and six in German. Not bad for twenty two months old. She loves to talk on the phone and will have pretend conversations with her toy phone. This little clip was made for her Grandma in Germany. In German that is Omah, only I don’t know if that is how you spell it.



On my birthday we also went to open a Dog Show at Eastnor Castle. It was for the charity that we got Rowley from.. We managed to get through that without a major incident but he really doesn’t like other dogs. We met up with his ’brother’ Ginger from the family he used to live with. That really freaked him out. They used to get on together but Rowley got very aggressive and then turned his back on Ginger and started backing himself up my leg. I’m convinced he thought that he was going to have to go back to that awful place. Poor boy.

School is a nightmare, never have I known such a badly behaved year group. I have my thoughts on the reasons, they are just not being shown enough discipline and the next year group teachers will be having a very tough time with them in September.

One boy, today, called me a big fat cow! This was upsetting for two reasons. One, I wasn’t having anything to do with him at the time. Two, I’ve lost nine and a half pounds since I joined Slimming World six weeks ago, so I feel that if I’m a big fat cow now, I don’t want to know what I was before.

NO!! This was upsetting for three reasons. The boy that called me that is nine years old and he weighs over fourteen stone! That’s heavier than me. He was obviously using words that have been used against him, which is sad. Then again…. Pot, kettle?????

My football team are going up!! Well, it’s almost certain, so we will be back in the Premier. That’s exciting. I shall have to try and get to a few more matches next season.

The rain is coming down in a way that makes one think of building an Ark, whatever is wrong with our weather? Fingers crossed I don’t have to go and do a chicken rescue in the middle of the night. I pray you all have dry feet.

Linda x.


wickedpink64 said...

Oh Linda those photos of the tulips and gardens are beautiful!  Since we have spent the last 8 months in drought, the sight of green grass and beautiful coloured flowers makes my heart skip a beat!  Oh, and happy belated birthday too!
Glad you had a great time with your online group in real life too.  Its quite funny how when you finally meet someone you have spoken with on line - well, you kind of feel like old friends already.  Anyway, by the sounds of your weekend, you should definately make sure it becomes a regular event!
Sorry to hear that school is tough.  I sympathise with you over kids that young having such a bad attitude.  Makes you wonder what sort of life is in store for them doesn't it?
There doesn't appear to be much discipline(sp?) in some families these days. Which is quite a shame as it has such an impact on their future.
Ah well, keep up the good work with your weightloss - You'll be in that bikini for summer in no time!!!!


Wendy in Oz

princesssaurora said...

What a great update!  Isabella is smart as a whip and growing like a weed!  I am so happy you at fun at Rowley Regis with your online friends!  Good for you!  I hope you don't get much rain!  Enjoy Mike's Star Wars birthday!

be well,

wobblymoo said...

That just seems to show a lack of respect for adults if that child is saying something like that, and yes I do blame the parents

beckiepainton said...

Kids are so rude and so brazen too.I see it at the shop.They yell over to you when your serving a customer and swear at you when you dont reply, they chuck thier goods on the counter and then chuck the money down with out so much as a thankyou.Every other word is a swear word, they are the exact copy of thier parents, its worrying. Isabella seems a little brain box!Tys new words are ready , steady, go! beckie x

jeadie05 said...

Well if you are to use your own words a bad blogger ..you are certainly an interesting one ,your entry is full of interesting items ,but Isabella has to be the best yet ,what a darling little girl ,her  Ommar will be delighted with  the video ,Happy belated b/day wishes ...love Jan xx

susanebunn said...

Wow!  What an entry!  You sure made up for lost time, sweetie!  Glad everything is looking up now and you had a fantastic birthday!

jckfrstross said...

Wow you have been busy:) Happy Birthday late:) i know what you mean about the kids this years 6th grade is something else. Usually its the 7th grade but not this year so that means next year look out lol have a wonderful weekend


tellsg said...

Hi Linda, lovely entry and so nice to see how Isabella is growing up.  Glad you had a great time with your friends the other weekend, times like that are really magical.  Have a wonderful anniversary.  Hugs, Tells x

cornwalldreckly said...

What a nasty boy, I wonder if his parents know or care that he speaks to people like that.  I can't imagine what I would do if one of my children treated anyone like that, I would be horrified.  Take no notice of what he said, they just hurl insults, accurate or not.

wldconnie said...

Lovely photos of tulips and your grand-daughter. You have been very busy haven't you. Liz sends her love. She is off to Greece tomorrow with a friend...lucky thing! Thanks for your kind message on my blog. I am feeling a lot better in the last few days. Love Conniex

shauntanner said...

I work with a load of cocks ... none are particularly silky ... lol !!

lindaggeorge said...

Just in case anyone wonders about Shaun's comment it relates to his funny but strange Journal (see link on his comment) and it was the feathered variety, honest!