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Saturday, 12 April 2008

Saturday Morning.

Well, Mike’s still talking to me after his surprise photo appeared in here. He seemed to find it quite funny and he’s had comments at work by people who have also seen it. He found it hard to believe that happened while he was asleep.

Last Sunday we woke to a blanket of snow, the first we’ve had this Winter, only now it’s Spring!!

I let Rowley out into the garden and didn’t say anything, I just wanted to see what his reaction was. You can see on this clip. (Turn your speakers on there is music too)



My beloved West Bromwich Albion got knocked out of the FA Cup, at the semi final stage, at Wembley last Saturday, which was a bit depressing. More so for Mum and Wilf, they’d got up at 5 in the morning to go.

Then in the week we slaughtered Blackpool 3-1, to go top of the League!!!!!!!

All the males of the family support Watford (Huh!!) and they are just two points below us. West Brom are playing Watford today, it’s a home match for us, emotions will be running high. The winner today will get 3 points, so you can see what a vital match this is. Especially as Watford were abysmal in their mid week match and missed a chance of gaining three points against lowly Barnsley. They were so bad David, my stepson said he’d burnt the tickets to today’s match. The top two teams will go up to the Premier League. I hope it’s both of us, as this is the first year we’ve been in the same League for about 5 years, we keep swapping places.

So Mike, David and I are going together but I shall go and sit with Wilf, the men can go and join the Watford lot. Mum can’t come, she’s been called into hospital for tests on her painful back. She’s in for a week! I can’t understand it, they don’t keep you in that long after major surgery these days. Still, if they can get rid of some of her pain it will be worth it.

I had a blip with the diet this week, gained half a pound, not sure why because up until the day of Slimmer’s World, my scales had been showing a 2 pound loss. My friend lost four and a half pounds, was Slimmer of the Week and won the Raffle If you ask me, that’s just showing off!!!

She’s almost lost a stone now and I haven’t managed to do a half yet, (Message to self) I must make more effort!!! Would Liposuction be cheating?

Isabella’s coming on really quickly with her talking. We were counting marbles and sorting them into colours when she said, “I get one more” her longest sentence so far and the thing is, she did get one more and put it to make a group of five. I want to make numbers fun for her, so that she isn’t like the children I work with at school, who, at the age of nine, can’t add 10 to a small number without doing it on their fingers. They really worry me.

A big thank you to Wendy for sponsoring me this week in The Race for Life It’s less than two months away now.

I’ve lost loved ones to cancer but this last week we heard such a sad tale. Mike went to do an interview with a couple, who have young children. The wife had breast cancer a few years ago, she was one of the lucky ones that had Herceptin prescribed and it worked but apparently it can’t prevent cancer in the brain and that is where she has it now. The prospects are poor and I can’t help but be reminded of J-Lands much missed Kim. Only this lady has a youngest child of five years old, who has been told by a school friend “Your Mummy’s cancer is back and now she’s going to die.” You have to ask yourself what on earth some adults can have been thinking of, to let that information be passed onto a child.

The couple did the interview for Mike’s Sunday Morning Religious programme, they had wanted to discuss where their faith, or lack of it came into this sort of situation.

I’m sitting here on a lovely April morning, the sun is shining and birdsong is drifting in through the open window beside me. My adoring dog is curled up on the floor at my feet, the cats are dozing on sunny windowsills. I feel relaxed and at peace. Oh! What a contrast from the sweating, screaming, hordes, of which I shall be one at 5.20 this evening! LOL.


susanebunn said...

Rowley is really loving the snow, isn't he?  I can see his lungs puffing away like bellows and he's smiling, I swear!  Thanks for sharing this!

jeadie05 said...

I think its safe to say Rowley likes snow ,(how well the music fitted the peice ),Kizzie did too ,surprisingly as she is often warey of things that are new ,How clever of Isabella,pleased Mike saw the funny side ,of you posting his picture ,...love Jan xx

jckfrstross said...

what a funny dog:) enjoy your weekend


cornwalldreckly said...

Has Rowley seen the sea yet?  My dog Meg gets very cross with the waves, she thinks they are following her so she tries to chase them away!

cmarlow480 said...

hahahaha....... at the song on that video.... I remember when I lost my mind too LOL.....


Wow.. Snow in April in England.. I guess its still very cold there?

--- Christopher


beckiepainton said...

Looks like rowley enjoyed the snow, hes a great camouflage!I lost my boss to cancer, she had breast cancer first, then it went to her bones, bless her, she worked untill she dropped.She came to work with crutches, chased shoplifters out, she passed away just after Ty was born.Jordan is doing well with maths at school, I seemed to have regressed, i was never good at maths though, i was better at English.I always use a calculator at work! Beckie x

sunnyside46 said...

the movie of Rowley absolutely made my day!

princesssaurora said...

OMG... my heart is breaking at that poor child being told that about his mum dying!  What is wrong with the adults of the world??  Ack.

be well,

wobblymoo said...

Awww, he's loving that snow :)

wldconnie said...

Nice to read your blog again! I have been away in Brazil where I went to my nephew's wedding to a Brazilian girl. It was a fab event and we had a fantastic holiday as well. I stopped going to your blog as you were absent for so long. Glad to see you are back writing again. Love Conniexx