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Sunday, 8 October 2006

Harvest Home



I really appreciated the comments on last week’s entry, thank you.


I’ve recently found a new Journal, which has some wonderful tales in it of Terry’s Polish Mother and Grandparents. She certainly deserves a wider audience, please visit and say Hi.  Bowl of Cherries


I have to say the children in my class are not what I first thought. They are now showing their true colours and they are the worst class I’ve worked with. They are the worst class the teacher has worked with. They are so bad the supply teacher on Wednesday afternoon refused to work with them and had to send for help from the Deputy Head. Twelve of them had been so awful, they were taken out and whipped! No…… sorry, that was just wishful thinking, they had Behaviour Slips, which go in their file and they missed all their breaks on Thursday.


We are now on a get-tough campaign with them, I hope I am able to report an improvement soon. Thank goodness half term break is coming up.


Harper, bless him, has developed that really smelly, old dog smell, so he had to go in the bath today, with half a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.  He smells much better now but is so peed off with me. He walks off if I go near him and keeps giving me the dirtiest looks.


Willow is also cross with me, we had to deal with the tangles on her legs and back end. She is the sweetest, most docile cat you could wish for, until you try to groom her that is and then I’m afraid she’s about as loveable as a bag of vipers. The scratches and bites I’ve had in the past are the reason she had the tangles now. I got to the stage where I couldn’t bear to deal with her. But, we have bought a new electric hair trimmer and all those tangles have been whizzed off and we will be starting from scratch (excuse the pun). As the hair grows back I will have to persevere and keep brushing her. She does look funny though, rather like a Standard Poodle, with a lion cut.


We went to see The Yeoman of The Guard on Tuesday night. Haven’t been to a Gilbert and Sullivan since I lived with my parents and I remembered this one had a song I really like. (I have a song to sing Oh!) Well the music and singing was very good but for heavens sake, can’t they get some young people to join these Operatic groups?


The handsome, young Colonel Fairfax was 60 if he was a day, short and squat and made up like a pantomime dame, in a vain attempt to make him look younger. As for the young maiden, daughter of the Constable of The Tower, that fell in love with him. Well, she had a fabulous voice but could only shop at Evans and was at least 40.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with these things, after all, I’m 53 and fat but I don’t go round masquerading as an lithesome 18 year old virgin…. well not often! I might get away with it at the College for the Blind but I’m probably not allowed to say any of this, as it’s not PC.


I apologise for being ageist, fatist and visually imparedist. And while I’m at it, for implying old dogs smell and that Poodles with that haircut look silly, or that I might possibly inflict corporal punishment on children.


I love this time of year, the colours and the satisfying feeling of ‘All being safely gathered in’. We picked our Blenheim Orange  apples today and we have the usual glut of tomatoes, so I shall be making soup. Oh! And a Happy Thanksgiving on Monday 9th October to my Canadian relatives and anyone there reading this.


Last night was the Harvest Home at the farm Mike’s family lived on in the early 19th Century. It was just what I hoped it would be and more.


The Barn was laid with rows and rows of trestle tables, with bales of straw to sit on and a huge log fire roared at one end, filling the barn with the aromatic scent of wood smoke.




A Cider Press, with layer on layer of apples in cloth bags being squeezed, so that they were giving off their wonderful aroma.



The women from the village and local farms baked apple pies, I can honestly say I have never seen so many in my life and there was a large cauldron of hot custard to go with them. In addition to the pies was roast pork and roast lamb to slip into fresh, new, bread rolls.  And that was all washed down with locally brewed beer, cider and perry.


A lady sitting just inside the door demonstrated spinning wool, on a New Zealand style of wheel.


 She told me things I had never known about spinning, like, the name of the length of the fibres in the fleece are called the staple and that the wool from the diverse parts of the fleece are used for different things, as the quality varies.


The Morris dancing was excellent


but the best thing was the atmosphere, everyone was having such a lovely time, in such a fabulous setting.


Eric, the owner of the farm, (on the left)


asked Mike if he would do the reading in the Harvest Service, which was held in the barn before we ate. It was  a reading from Genesis and I think the ghosts of his ancestors must have inspired him because I have never heard him perform better.


Eric told us that his beautiful horses, pictured in a previous entry, had come second to the Beamishteam in a ploughing match that day but they had won several cups during the season. Eric is such a generous, kind man and to open up his home like that, when he had so much going on was truly selfless. The setting up of the barn must have been a huge task.


After the food, there was entertainment of music and singing



but as we had about an hour’s journey home, we only stayed for the early part. I would have liked to stay longer.


While we were picking the apples today, we  looked for Mike's glasses that he lost when we picked the other tree a couple of weeks ago. They haven't turned up yet but at least he didn't lose his Reserve pair.




 I can't find who sent me the Fall Fairy but I didn't want to waste it, so it's here anyway. Thank You, whoever you are. x.



midwestvintage said...

Oh that sounds like just the kind of day I would have loved.  Thanks for sharing the pictures and description of the day.


tellsg said...

What an interesting entry - I had to laugh about the Gilbert and Sullivan comments - I have taken the children to quite a few pantos locally over the years and its always the same old "stars" with lots of make up.  The kids were really disappointed with Nancy in Oliver .... she was not a glamorous girl but she did have a good voice.  We have got a local theatre and we have been there quite a bit.  We recently saw My Fair Lady, which was really nice.  Also we saw Jacqueline Wilson there, who writes a lot of children's books.  She was giving a talk about her life and the books she had written.  She is only tiny, with short grey hair and big glasses and it was a wonder she could lift her arms to gesticulate (big word eh for a Sunday) because she had so many chunky rings on every finger and so many bracelets.  She would be a mugger's dream as I bet they were all worth a bit.  We also went to singalonga Soundamusic there, which was great fun and the children dressed up, Rosie as a nun and Matthew as a brown paper package tied up in string.  I'll have to post the photos on (when I learn how to do it!!).  One of my nephews and his wife (early 30s) are into local dramatics and they have had some good shows, we have gone to Sutton to see them perform and really enjoyed Fiddler on the Roof and Annie.  
Glad to see you had a wonderful time last night at the old homestead!
Thanks for mentioning me in your journal.  Terry

bobandkate said...

Sounds and looks like the Harvest Home festival was great fun. Loved the pictures of the apple press and the Morris dancing. It was nice to see the young boy taking part with the men, and good to know that the traditions will be passed onto the next generation Linda. Hope the tough policy works with your troublesome class. Have a good week,

jeadie05 said...

What an interesting entry ,all the lovely old traditions at the harvset supper ,just as I remember it all ,even the Morris dancers ,loved your comments about the cast of the Gilbert and Sullivan show ,go on Linda tell it as it is!lol I hope you are able to whip the kids into shape pretty soon,.,.,.,Jan xx

jckfrstross said...

that looked like so much fun:) i love fall also:) have a good week


wldconnie said...

What a wonderful Harvest festival...it looks stunning. i love that sort of thing. You did make me laugh as I thought it was just me that balked at having to sit through Amateur operatic versions of Gilbert and Sullivan! It is the same everywhere old gents and fat ladies playing young virile men and virgins! I am afraid I get out of it nowadays as I find it embarrassing. I know I am a snob but when I can see pros doing it in london I cannot but laugh at the feeble efoorts of the amateurs!! Love Conniex

deslily said...

how wondeful that harvest is!  There is nothing like that around in New Jersey USA.. (bummer)  The pictures are great and make me feel as if I saw it myself!

beckiepainton said...

Hi Linda, sorry the kids are driving you nuts, they are also driving me insane at work, we had a boy of 9 asking people to but him ciggarettes and alcohol last week, i mean 9 years old?Its like theres something in the air they are all going nuts!Beckie.x