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Tuesday, 31 October 2006



Where on earth did the last week go?I’ve had a lovely time but phewwwww…….. was it busy?


I don’t know what’s been happening in the world, I’ve barely had time to keep an eye on Journals, every time I’ve signed on I’ve had 60 emails, or more!


Catherine & Isabella arrived on Monday night and I met their flight at Birmingham Airport at 8.30pm. The little love had been no trouble on her first flight. She had a bottle for take off, to prevent ear problems. Went to sleep for half an hour, then woke up when the ‘PINGGG’ happened to announce some turbulence and spent the next half an hour talking to the overhead light.


As soon as she saw me there was a slightly puzzled ‘don’t I know you look’ followed by a big smile. She is just the best natured 4-month-old baby I have ever known, with smiles for everyone.


Tuesday was a family get together at my Mother’s house and the best bit was that Mum’s cousin, Joan, was over from America. Joan adores Catherine, so what fantastic timing that they were both in England together.


Wednesday was getting Catherine’s hair fixed, plus some shopping and Thursday, Flo flew over to join them.


Friday, we all went to Bath to have lunch with Mike’s daughter Sue, her husband John and their two girls Chloe and Abigail. It was Sue’s 38th birthday and we lunched in the Pump Rooms. OMG! If anywhere was ever more English, well I can’t imagine where it is. Chandeliers, high ceilings, a pianist playing and camp waiters in long aprons, it was heavenly. It was quite expensive compared with a Pub Meal but £108 for 8 meals and drinks didn’t seem OTT for the experience.


There are windows overlooking the Roman Baths and you can sample the water, which I didn’t think tasted too bad but it’s warm yeuchhh! If there is one thing I don’t drink its warm water.


Friday night I made Pate and sausages rolls, with sausages from our ‘Best in Britain’ butcher in Malvern, his award winning sausages taste like Christmas Dinner and are just wonderful.


Saturday was absolute madness, I did a buffet for20 people and at 12.30 they started to arrive. Apart from the Prawn and the Salmon sandwiches everything was ready and for once I can say the kids actually chipped in and helped AND their partners. We sent Mike to the shops for last minute items, as that’s what he does best.




We partied all day and then when the older family left, Catherine’s friend arrived from Stoke, with her husband and son Jacob and my sister with partner Malcolm, his daughter Bec and boyfriend Steve.


This fibre optic pumpkin was from the market.




Isabella wore her Pumpkin suit that I bought her and looked so cute.



We had roast pork baps and homemade soups. Watched Fireworks in the garden and had the opening ceremony for the gate Mike hung a few weeks ago and I just haven’t had time to mention.




Mike is not a handyman, in fact the only thing handy about him is that I can usually find him lying next to me in bed. And that can’t always be guaranteed as he often wakes at 6am and gets up then.


Mike is a Bodger. He will have a go at DIY but isn’t very skilled, so Bodges things. But…, for once he  did something right. Our old gate was falling apart. I ordered a new one, off the Internet and fully expected to have to get a man in to hang it but no! Mike thought he’d have a go and he did it. It opens and shuts, like you would expect a gate to do and SEEMS quite secure. So, it was worthy of an official opening ceremony and the pictures can be seen above but here is one showing just how proud he was of his well-hung gate. There is a pub near here called The Gate Hangs Well and so obviously it quite something in the male world to get it hanging right.


Sunday was a quiet day, thank god. In the evening we went for an Indian Buffet in town, which isn’t town, it’s a City but that doesn’t work does it? You can’t say I’m going into City tonight can you? Anyway, it was a fabulous meal.


Monday, it was back to school and in the evening I took Catherine, Flo & Isabella back to the Airport.


Today, Halloween has been lovely. Morning was spent at school and in the afternoon Mike & I went to Batsford Arboretum, just outside Moreton in Marsh, in the Cotswolds. The photos I took were lovely and I will post them later in the week.


We got home at dusk and then had a succession of Trick or Treaters. I am exhausted, so am going to bed now.


Apologies if I haven’t commented on your Journal, I just haven’t had time, hopefully things will be back to normal now. I will put more pictures on later.






jeadie05 said...

Hey my Daughter and I had lunch in the Pump rooms in Bath ,many years ago and I too drank some of the water ,Your pictures are lovely ',Lovely gate 'Isabella is adorable ....love Jan xx

jckfrstross said...

wow you have been buzy:) love all of the pics the baby is too cute:) thank you for visiting my moms journal it meant alot to her :) i am teaching her how to visit other journals:)


tellsg said...

Hi Linda, I enjoyed your entry and the photos.  Your little granddaughter is really sweet, her little suit looked gorgeous on her.  I am glad you all had such a lovely weekend together.  I admire you for getting Mike to hang the gate, I still  have paint in the shed I bought to decorate our living room last October, hmmmm!  Terry

chunkichick said...

Love reading your journal linda, you have such a warm looking home and family, life for you seems idyllic
chunki x

bobandkate said...

Wow Linda - you have been busy this week. So glad you had a great visit from Catherine, Isabella and Flo, as well as everyone else you know!!!

millieukgirl said...

Wow...you HAVE been busy!! At least you're happy in your exhaustion! Lovely pics and pumpkins!  Enjoy the rest of your week!  Millie :-)

susanebunn said...

I just have to say, "Put your feet up!".  What a time you've had, but it's all good, isn't it?  I absolutely love your pictures to the ground!  You decorate like an American.  

I had to laugh to myself reading about your hubby.  Oh well, some of us are DYI challenged.  LOL  I bet he's great at other things though.

Glad you had such a wonderfu week.  Those are what makes life worthwhile, aren't they?


demandnlilchit said...

What a lovely, busy week you had! What a beautiful baby Isabella is!

ally123130585918 said...

Linda you have had a busy week ~ with your visitors and visiting ~ but it sound like it was enjoyable ~ The Pump rooms where you celebrated Sue's birthday sounded very grand ~ "Happy belated birthday to Sue" ~ Isabella looked so cute in her pumpkin suit ~ not surprised you are exhausted ~ you deserve a rest after all of that ~ Ally

beckiepainton said...

The pump rooms, what an interesting name for a resteraunt, down here to pump means to pass wind!Beckie.