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Sunday, 22 October 2006

One Day Until Catherine & Isabella Arrive!

School was demented; I hardly had a second to speak to anyone, what with the Harvest Festival on Thursday and Parent Consultation Friday, it was tough.


But now I’m  off for a week, what bliss. I have so much catching up to do around the house and Catherine & Isabella arrive tomorrow!!!


I did my entry for the Mass Blog and included in it a link to this Journal so that, if anyone ever manages to find it, they will see my son dressed as Britney Spears! Ha, ha.


Someone asked about the ‘Full Monty Year’ and I have to say, yes he and his two friends, Chris and Chris did do the Full Monty routine, from the film of the same name. Not just once but twice!


Each year they would decide on something to amuse the staff for the Christmas Dinner. I chose not to go to the dinner and disco as I didn’t want to cramp his style but then they decided to do at again at the Canteen disco. I’m pleased to say that modesty got the better of him at the end, probablt because people kept saying, " Your Mum's here," So he kept his pants on. I was going to say pulled out at the last second but given the subject, thought that sounded a bit distasteful. However, one of the Chris’ was obviously so pleased with his physique that he danced around starkers for a good five minutes and he wasn't very accurate about keeping his hat strategically placed.

There weren’t many sausages on sticks eaten that day!!!


Tuesday I met my mother’s cousin Joan, for lunch. She is over here from Adams, Massachusetts. It’s her family I have been researching our Welsh/Belgian side for. It was lovely to see her again and she is really pressing for Mike and I to go and stay with her. She has a wonderful apartment in a converted Mill. I think it’s time I plucked up courage for the flight and I will aim to go next year.


Hello! …..What’s that I hear? Sounds like a chicken to me.


I can’t believe this; I just heard a gentle clucking from the hall. I’d been downloading photos so I had the camera to hand.



Hmm, Emily seems to have taken a wrong turn here, I thinkshe may have been looking for the bathroom. I've heard of Chicken in the Barn, or even Chicken in the Basket but this is ridiculous.


Something that has been annoying me this week is Spam. No, not that pink tinned meat (?) that people lived on in the War. The email variety. Is anyone else getting this sort of stuff, which is somehow getting through my filters?


The photon

A non-chalantly geosynchronous support group laughs out loud, and a cashier behind the blood clot almost recognizes a fire hydrant. The football team living with a rattlesnake pees on a thoroughly twisted scooby snack. Indeed, the buzzard underhandedly caricatures some crank case. The hydrogen atom behind an anomaly is overpriced. Most people believe that the stovepipe can be kind to a satellite, but they need to remember how secretly a bartender inside a ball bearing hesitates.


Or, how do you like this one?


Hi look

Would you turn her loose again the way she is? was all he <galaxy. For all we know she is still on the way. The

way of being a bit of an entomologist myself, if you will

the room. All this meant he was due for early


Is anyone else getting this sort of nonsense? Does anyone know what the purpose is? I keep reporting it as Spam but I’m wondering now if it’s a nutter that has read my Blog and thinks I might be interested in the machinations of their deranged mind. If this is the sort of reader I’m attracting, I think I’d better stop now. The worrying thing is I actually found some of it funny. If I ever find they start to make sense, I shall have to increase my medication.


Yesterday we had a lovely day out and I have some truly wonderful photos. No credit to me, it’s all down to the light and subject matter.

I won’t put them in the page, apart from one as a taster, as that means reducing them and they need to be seen clearly.




This is Baddesley Clinton, a moated Manor House , the earliest part of the house and  the moat were built in the 15thC.


I think they will be of particular interest to any American readers as it is English countryside and history at it most vibrant, colourful best. The light this time of year, on a sunny day, is amazing.


I took Mike for lunch at the Saxon Mill, just outside Warwick, where we had an excellent meal, although not cheap. £9.50 for Sausage and Mash sounds expensive but it was a bit special and with a red wine gravy. No, I will not call it Jus. It’s gravy.


Mike had a Pork Terrine and French Fries. But it was so comfortable there with a roaring log fire and big squashy, leather sofas. We had to drag ourselves away to go and visit a couple of National Trust properties, Packwood House and Baddesley Clinton.


I did the same thing with my friend Sue a few weeks ago and I wanted to take Mike there as it made such a lovely afternoon.


We went to Packwood House first and then on to Baddesley Clinton, which has a Tea Room in a converted barn and their cakes are wonderful. Sadly they didn’t have the Carrot Cake, which is the best I’ve tasted anywhere.


Please take the time to look at the photos at the top of this entry.


A picture I took of Merlin this week, he didn't seem too happy that I caught him sleeping with this dog.



Oh Mum! Leave me alone!!!


Time now for me to put the finishing touches to the Guest bedroom, Catherine & Isabella arrive tomorrow. Did I mention that?




demandnlilchit said...

I wish I had memories of living in England for the 2 plus years that I lived there, but I was just a baby (1-3 years of age). I plan on making another trip there when the last of my babes moves out. I want to wander not only around the big cities bu the countryside too! Lovely photos!

Thanks for stopping by my journal and leaving me hugs via your comforting comments!


jeadie05 said...

Yes you did mention it ,but of course you are excited about them coming ,I would be too a daughter is special and a grand-daughter is bliss,How I enjoyed your pictures ,What was you following that man in the green jumper for ,all day you storked him lol ,.,.,Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Did you mention your Daughter and Grand daughter are coming to visit ~ LOL ~ Pictures were lovely thanks for sharing them with us ~ Lucky you to have a whole week off ~ Sounds like you have been having a busy life ~ and enjoying it ~ Ally

midwestvintage said...

 The pictures are just beautiful.  We have nothing so stunning here to take pictures of, not fair.  Thanks for sharing.  I miss my chickens.


susanebunn said...

Okay, you know me - all those fabulous pictures you included and which one did I immediately go for?  Good ol' Emily.  What a character!  I just have a passion for chickens.  I wonder what she was looking for?  Just out for a snoop around, I would guess.  Enjoy your week off.  Put those feet up, when and if possible!


princesssaurora said...

I loved the pics and all your descriptions!!!  Looks just gorgeous!!!!  I can't wait to travel thru England!!!!  Someday!!!!

be well,

wldconnie said...

Lovely photos of the Mill. We are lucky in UK that the National Trust looks after so many wonderful buildings. Thanks for sharing! Love Conniex

beckiepainton said...

Hope your having fun with your grandaughter, your photos are beautiful, they could be profesional you know, they are the same quality as my dads and hes a photographer, youve got an eye for it.Beckie.x