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Sunday, 13 May 2007

I Think We've Had Enough Rain Now...Thanks!

What a wet miserable day it is! I’m supposed to be doing some housework but its hard to feel like doing anything in this dull, grey light.

I don’t know why I don’t seem to have the time to do a weekly diary entry but I always seem to be catching up on the last two or three weeks just lately. I need to organise myself better and get more motivated.

I so nearly broke my leg the week before last. I was going to the greenhouse with the hosepipe, when Mike stopped my with some question while I was crossing the bridge over the boggy bit. Normally you would have your feet on two or three slats at any one time but because I turned sideways, to speak to him, my foot was just on one, in the middle and it broke. My foot shot through to the ground below and I started to topple sideways. I could feel my leg giving, it was trapped between the remaining slats. Mike grabbed me and pulled me back upright, preventing a serious injury but I still have the bruises.


Merlin on the bridge with the offending slat behind him. Afterwards Mike said it was lucky he was there to save me. I had to point out that if he hadn’t have stopped me in the first place, then it wouldn’t have happened.!!!! The bridge is only two years old and this shouldn’t have happened. We’re getting some replacement slats sent from the manufacturer.

Last weekend was a long weekend and on the Saturday afternoon we went down to Bath to see Mike’s daughter. The weather was lovely, we sat in the garden all afternoon and I really caught the sun. We had a lovely time chatting to Chloe, who is a teenager next year! 0704050014

Hug for Poppa

Where on earth did that time go?

Abigail went to a sleepover party, so we only saw her for a quick hug.

Whilst sitting in the garden we met the latest member of the family…George. 0704050008

David and Sam joined us mid-afternoon and there were lots of nibbles, wine and trampolening. I abstained from the latter, as memories of the last time, when Catherine bounced me off onto the floor, are still painful!

Mike and I went to see the house that Sue and her husband have bought, which is having to be extended and altered to become an adequate sized home. It’s in a lovely position but oh my god! What ARE Bath property prices like. Mike and I couldn’t afford a shoebox there!! Sue didn’t want to come whilst it is in the demolition stage but I didn’t think it looked that bad.

We stayed for dinner at Sue‘s, which was lovely, Monkfish wrapped in Parma Ham. (how the other half live eh?) and poor Mike was driving, so couldn’t have any of the wine.

On Bank Holiday Monday, we went out for a drive to Gloucestershire. There is this church we had noticed recently from the M5 just before Junction 11A. We didn’t know why it seemed to have recently appeared and it looked very striking on top of a hill.


It look us a little while to find it. Its high above the village of Churchdown, up a long, narrow track, which only those that knew it, or nosey parkers like us would ever go up.


We were lucky, it’s normally kept locked but a couple who are planning to marry there were being shown round, so we got to have a quick peek. It was well worth going to have a look around.


The views are amazing.


After that we tried to get lunch somewhere nice but the Forest of Dean doesn’t boast many welcoming pubs. They mostly looked rundown and lacking in character. We found one that looked good and the food appeared to be excellent, we got a table but then realised it was going to be at least an hour before we ate, so decided not to bother.

I was having one of my strange days, when I can’t stay awake and must have fallen asleep at least 30 times. I hate that, I think I’d eaten too much wheat, which has that effect on me.

It was back to work Tuesday and lots of talk about SATs and QCA testing which starts tomorrow.

On Friday afternoon I went to visit a new friend, who lives in Wolverhampton, we met online ,through our family history research. I wanted to go to David Austin Roses, which is a short distance from where she lives. She’s like me in that she says what she thinks and we laughed at a lot of things that some might have found a bit questionable in taste but it does you good to have a laugh and each to his own. There’s a pretty little tearoom there and they do CAKE, of the home made type, so that was a good trip out.

We’ve decided we will have another trip out, to a National Trust Property next time but it must include CAKE! On the way home I stopped to take a photo of this rather unusual Sainsbury’s.


Mike had an I Pod for his birthday present, which he’s very pleased with but neither of us has been brave enough to open the box yet. No doubt I will have to sort it out.

I had some GHD Hair Straighteners for my birthday, which cost more than his I Pod. I’m getting to grips with them now. They’re good for straightening my hair, obviously. Last night I used them to curl my hair. We were going to the Hereford Police Choir annual dinner . Mike’s got an honourary position with them because of all the work he does for them as a Compere at their concerts. So I had a lot of loose, ringlet type curls and I was really pleased with the way it looked.

Hereford Police are part of the West Mercia Constabulary and last night their Chief Constable Paul West was there. (Aren’t Chief Constables getting younger?) Before we started the meal he wanted to say a little about the member of his force, who was shot dead whilst attending a domestic dispute last Sunday . Richard (Ricky ) Gray had been commended for bravery 5 times and had been with West Mercia for four years. He twice saved people from drowning in the River. We observed a minutes quiet reflection in Ricky’s memory.

I hadn’t been to one of their ‘Do’s’ for a few years but recognised some of the people and chatted to them. Their Pianist came up to say hello and I said, Are you going to have to ‘Sing for your Supper’ tonight? I had to stop myself from laughing out loud when she said ‘No. But I’ll be playing the piano’.

I was talking to Catherine on the phone this morning, I’m going to put our name down for an Allotment, there is a waiting list for some of the sites but hopefully when the annual rent falls due in October, there will be some available. We want to grow our own Veg. She should be living over here by then.

She told me that Flo had said that he was really looking forward to picking Lulu (me) up from the airport. Catherine said, Oh that’s nice but why exactly. He said……because I’ll be able to have a Burger King at the airport!

Just spoke to the man at the Battery Rescue Hen Welfare, he says I can have two girlies next week, so Isabella will have company again, rather than hanging around, forlornly, at the back door, in the hope she can sneak in and join us and pinch some cat food. I found her in the sitting room the other day, having a conversation with her reflection in the glass door of the Video cabinet.

Sometimes this is an odd house.

And I thought this was going to be a short entry!



drb1064 said...

That was a really good entertaining read, nice entry. Love the graveyard pic.

jeadie05 said...

Yes its wet and miserable here too ,not conducive to doing anything worth while ,need to get some gardening done ,so Kizzie permitting once Maurice goes off to work I will knit ,I hope your foot/leg  feels better where you fell through the little bridge ,your pictures were lovely , I was thinking the church on the hill would be great for films and spooky at night ,lots of atmosphere ,yes its time you got Isabella some company of her own kind, she sounds as though she thinks she is human lol ...love Jan xx

wobblymoo said...

What  a great entry, thank you for sharing. This is just a short comment but I took in every word :)

beckiepainton said...

what a lovely church, i must get down to the church behind my parents home, its lovely.House prices here inn the south are bad too, a 1 bed flat is for sale for 89 grand up the road, and this is a council estate, it looks like were never be able to afford a house and to think 10 years a go we were looking at houses for sale for 60,000.God I wish we bouhgt one then!Beckie.xx

beckiepainton said...

ps i could send you one of my feet back for you to borrow if yours is a bit sore, im sure I could manage with just the one tomorrow.

ally123130585918 said...

I agree I think we have our fair share of rain now :o) ~ I really enjoyed this entry and the pictures are lovely ~ Glad you didn't hurt your leg too much ~ hope those bruises disappear soon ~ love the picture of Merlin and I can see that broken slat ~ sounds like you had a good time in Bath ~ sorry you couldn't find a decent place to have a meal ~ I wouln't have waited more than an hour to eat and would have left like you did ~ That is an unusual Sainsburys ~ never seen one like that before ~ thats for sharing your trips with us ~ Allyx

tellsg said...

Glad you are ok Linda after that on the bridge - it could have been really nasty and must have given you such a shock.  Bet Mike felt terrible that you hurt yourself.  The photos are great but where is the one of you and your curlies???  So sad about that poor lad that got shot whilst on duty.  The pictures of the church are lovely, it looks almost mystical. I also liked the picture of Mike having that lovely hug, that will be a picture to treasure.  Have a good week.  Hugs, Terry x

jckfrstross said...

love the pictures of the church wow so pretty thanks for sharing:) i am glad you weren't hurt to bad it could have been worse:( all of the pictures are wonderful grandaughters and of course George the turtle lol. So glad Isabella will have new room mates. Hope you get lots of pictures:) have a good week


wickedpink64 said...

I love it when you do picture entries!  The green countryside and historic buildings are so beautiful! Living in a country that is only 200 years old mean we have no really old buildings so I love to see yours.  And I would shop at that Sainsbury's just for the way it looked!

Happy Mothers Day!


Wendy in Oz

princesssaurora said...

What a wonderful entry!  I didn't know that your Mother's Day is on a different day than ours... so Happy belated Mother's Day to you!  I loved the pics of the graveyard and church!  How I would love to check that out with you!  

Merlin is quite a handsome boy!  The kids are beautiful!  And, I am very happy for Isabella that some new hen friends will be coming soon!

be well,

susanebunn said...

Wow!  You sure made up for lost time!  I am so relieved to know that you didn't hurt your leg badly.  Your grand-daughter is just lovely and those pictures were breathtaking.  Merlin, what a sweetie.  How's your lone chicken, Isabella, doing these days?  

Much Love,

ticklatowers said...

Welcome to Sainsbury's. Closed on Sundays for worship. Communion is taken between the wine aisle and the freshly baked bread aisle.
They'd be OK for harvest festival though.