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Saturday, 19 May 2007

Who the hell invented the Recorder……… and why? Maybe it was by a deaf man, who wished to inflict punishment on all those who were not similarly afflicted.

My class were taking their QCA exams this week but first lesson on Thursday morning they had a little light relief. Music? Well it was supposed to be music, I was putting all their Literacy Targets onto their reports via a laptop and was looking forward to 40 minutes peace while I got on with the job. Only when they reached The Music Room, it was already occupied. So, they came back to the classroom, where I was working. This meant I was then subjected to a noise that can best be described as 100 cats having their insides drawn out through their nostrils with red, hot pincers. I remember Catherine having a brief interest in joining a Recorder club; thankfully she didn’t stay interested for long.

On Wednesday Mike and I went to a house in a village on the Welsh Borders. It was called The Great House and their garden is open under The National Garden Scheme this weekend. Mike needed to interview the owner for his gardening programme. I didn’t take my camera, as I felt it would be a bit intrusive into their privacy but, oh, what a place! It was in the middle of the village, just by the village green, two storey and very long. The gates, drive and the dimensions of the house were perfect and of course the enormous old front door was bang in the middle, just like a child’s drawing. The delightful lady of the house met us and took us through to the garden where we were greeted by their Pekinese and Black Labrador Dogs.

The entrance hall was large and square, panelled and had a huge old fireplace at the opposite end, where an aromatic, log fire was blazing, with a cosy armchair alongside. Just inviting you to sit and read awhile. There were flagstones, wide oak floorboards and ancient doors. After a tour of the beautiful gardens, we sat in the kitchen and drank Earl Grey tea and nibbled chocolate biscuits. For my American readers, you don’t have anything as old and as beautiful as this, that may not bother you but for me, visiting places like The Great House, makes my heart sing, I can’t imagine living in a place where you can’t easily see houses that date back to Medieval times.

I left The Great House, feeling so in touch with the history of the place (King Charles 1 is supposed have danced up on the large landing) and clutching a plant that I had been given by its delightful lady owner. Now her children have moved out of the family home she does Bed & Breakfast, as she feels the house is too big for just the two of them. I can’t imagine a lovelier place to stay, I might be tempted to take Mike there for a romantic night.

Mike picked me up from school on Thursday and we did a Sainsbury shop. I wanted some flowers, we always have flowers. What a bargain! They’ve been selling these bunches of Peonies at £7.99 a bunch. They are of a type I used to have in my garden many years ago, cyclamen pink and the heavenliest, rose scent you could imagine. I can’t find one to buy anywhere but I’m hoping our gardening expert friend, Reg Moule will be able to identify it for me. Anyway there were two bunches reduced to 99p but still looking as fresh as daisies. It’s so nice to buy £16 of flower for under £2!

After shopping we called into our local Farm Shop for lunch, where I made a complete tit of myself. I jumped out of the car and a man, who was passing by, looked at me and I thought, ooh, I know you and raised my hand to wave and started to say Hi. I abruptly stopped when I realised I knew him from the television. It was Paul Martin from Flog It.

I did feel silly.

                  Paul Martin

They had been filming there and had just lunched. Now I’m not saying it was Paul’s fault but honestly!!! There were about eight of them in the team, had lunch and didn’t lave a penny as a tip! How tight.

I’m going to collect Isabella’s new companions today, I’m expecting some fun and games there, as when I got Isabella she had to be taught to eat and drink and there was a lot of pecking going on at first. I’m hoping that if there are two they’ll stand a better chance against Isabella, who I think is nicer natured than her previous companion, Abigail. I don't like to think of their previous lives in a Battery Cage, I so glad I'm able to give a couple a chance of real life. This reminds me, I haven't had my breakfast yet of poached eg on toast, Isabella lays me an egg every day now, bless her.

I know I shall call one Letitia (Letty) after my 2 and 3 x great grandmothers. The other willbe named when I get her, as I don’t have an obvious family name in mind at the moment.

Simon has offered me his old, BMW convertible, which he has just finished restoring. If it passes it’s MOT in June I shall have it at the beginning of July, which I’m rather excited about.

I’m off to The Black Country later today, to see a weekend on the canal (The Cut) of all sorts of memorabilia relating to Stewarts & Lloyds , a now defunct company who produced steel tubes. They built a small village at the entrance to the works for their workers and many of my family lived and worked there, my mother being one of them. I’ll take my camera, as I’m sure there will be some interesting photos waiting to be taken.


drb1064 said...

I love old buildings we visited one in Cornwall which is one of only 2 left in the country with a lime plastered cantalever ceiling covered with carvings from the 13th century and was luck enough to have visited the other one many years ago in Norwich. We also live near Buckden Towers, where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned by Elizabeth I before her execution.

jeadie05 said...

Couldnt agree more ,with you about the recorder ,my daughter also went through that phse ,can remember 'Little drops of water ' being played over and over ,lol I like old houses too ,Bodsey house near us here ,is steeped in History ,you can almost hear the kitchen maids whispering in the scullerys ,I hope you hens setlle down quickly ,lucky girls ,,,love Jan x

tellsg said...

I agree with you about recorders, they are awful.  Nice that you have had a busy week and the Great House sounds fabulous.  I love going round old places and feeling the history too.  Our house is 200 years old and I often wonder who used to live here.  It was a rented out property until we bought it and was two cottages knocked into one, so there must have been lots of people before us. I often wonder how I could find out who did live here, any ideas?  Good luck with your new chickens, I am looking forward to hearing about them.  Hope your leg is a bit better now.  Hugs, Terry x

beckiepainton said...

I used to play the recorder, jesus hands were kind hands doing good to all, thats all I could play, and Eastenders, no that was the keyboard.I could also play wooden heart, by Elvis I think???I dloved that house, was it haunted ?I would of liked to stay a night, and see!Beckie.xx

acoward15 said...

Parents that give small children recorders should be reported to the authorities. Talentless kids hitting bum notes is boarderline torture.

jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:) i love to hear your adventures


hestiahomeschool said...

"I can’t imagine living in a place where you can’t easily see houses that date back to Medieval times. "

It is funny--our house is one hundred and three years old and is considered to be "Historic" and is on the National Register for Historic houses.  A hundred years old is a very old house here in the States.  We do have some Native places that are thousands of years old, like the Pueblos and the Serpent Mound, though. Since I have Cherokee Grandparents, they mean something to me...

love, Kas


wobblymoo said...

Yes, I know what you mean about recorders, perhaps you could ask the recorder sprite to make them all disappear. That house sounds wonderful, we have a lot just like that round here and it's lovely to see them. Looking forward to getting to know your new hens too

princesssaurora said...

I almost spewed coffee on the screen with laughter when I read your opening paragraph about the recorder.  You cannot KNOW the joy to which I threw out the 3rd and FINAL one last year at the end of school!  UGH!  

I can't wait to see and hear about the new chickens!!!  Letty and Betty?  lol

be well,

wldconnie said...

I do agree about the recorder  a very unpleasant sound unless played by an expert...and even then only passable! Love Conniex

cornwalldreckly said...

I have only just found your journal and this entry had me laughing out loud.  Oddly I wrote about the 'joy' of recorders on my blog today.  I love your photos.