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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Leaving On A Jet Plane.

I’m going to get an entry in now, I have lots to do in the next few days and then on Sunday I’m off to Germany, which should be my last solo, jet-setting trip, as Catherine should be back in England in August.

I now have TWO, new chickens. I went to pick them up on Saturday, I’ll let Isabella introduce them in her Blog. Chicken Run - The Great Escape

When I arrived at the collection point I gave my name and the lady in charge took me by the hand and led me away. She said she wanted to talk to me. I thought, she was going to say there was a mistake and I couldn’t have any girls after all. No. She wanted to ask if I would consider one, that was in a cage on her own, who had a slight injury. No pressure but she needed to go somewhere quiet and where she would have a bit of TLC. I’d only spoken on the phone but I was obviously marked down as a little eccentric who would go the extra mile in looking after the birds….Yes, I expect that is me.

So, that was Letitia (Letty). She has a sort of bruise, or blood clot in her one shoulder but she seems OK, so hopefully, whatever it is, it will clear up and she won’t have any problems with it.

The other girl that came with us is Josephine (Josie). Both the new girls are as dark as Isabella is fair . I use family names for my girls, these two new ones are going back into my Family Tree.

Unlike Isabella, the new girls seemed much stronger and more clued up. They knew how to feed and drink and I’ve had an egg every day from both. Their eggs are browner than Isabella’s.

I have a poached egg every morning for breakfast but even so, the fridge is quickly filling with eggs. It will be good to be able to give away the surplus again , as most people are very appreciative of such fresh, wholesome, free range eggs. Apart from Chris of course, who when offered the choice between a supermarket egg and one from my garden, he preferred the supermarket one because mine had come from a chicken’s bottom…..err, HELLO Chris, where do you think the supermarket ones came from? Grew in the box?????

After my chicken liberation run, I popped up to  the Black Country to have a look at an Open Weekend on the canal, the weather was not very good but it did reawaken my longing for buying a Narrowboat.



There's something so special about canal bridges, whether brick



or metal. 


The last remaining chimneys of our industrial heritage look beautiful alongside a canal, built to transport their products.


Whenever there's an event, there's a Traction Engine.





Something evil lurks in my garden, its very small, not much larger than a pinhead and it bites me and when it does I have blood running from the bite. How can something so small do so much damage? Even worse is the reaction. I got several of these bites on my left leg on Sunday. For some reason they prefer my left leg, maybe they are Catholic (left footers), I don’t know but they’ve made a right mess of it. I have one normal leg and one elephant leg.

I thought I’d pull on my old suede boots today, as protection from the biters when I went down to see the chickens but I couldn’t even get my foot in. So off to the doctor’s went I and now I’m taking three sorts of tablets, marvellous!!!!

I’m planning to go to a book signing on Saturday. It’s a new book about my beloved Rowley Regis, I think I read there are 300 photos in it and its called Haystacks to Chimney Stacks, I’m presuming its charting some of the progression from poor agricultural land to industry and its accompanying waste lands. I'm supposed to be meeting my friend there and having lunch, she’s from Manchester but apart from that she’s very nice.

(Sorry Jan).

Not much else going on so will update when I get back from Germany, with new pictures of Isabella (grandchild, not chicken).

Before I go, some garden shots.

I don't remember planting that!


Morgan having a close friendship with Catherine's Olive Tree.


While I was busy getting bitten I took this of Merlin


and then later, I caught him on my bed, he looked so comfy I didn’t like to disturb him.



jeadie05 said...

How lovely to be singled out as the Lady that should be asked to adopt  the one that needs extra TLC ,so sorry some little beast has been biting you ! hope its calmed dowm before you trip ,looking forward to your pictures of your Grand-daughter Isabella ,...love Jan xx

wobblymoo said...

Linda, those are great photos, you'll be pleased to be getting Catherine a little closer to home, I'm going to pop over and say hello to Isabella and her new friends in a minute.

jckfrstross said...

wow i wonder what could be biting you? maybe spiders? enjoy your trip and travel safe


beckiepainton said...

Its them false black widows there everywhere!!Look out its behind you AARGGHH!!bECKIE XX

hestiahomeschool said...

I don't know what it could be in England. In the US I would guess chiggers.

We went to a farm today where they wer etalking about "processing" the baby chickens. I wanted to buy one or two so badly to save them!

princesssaurora said...

Oh!!!  I can't wait to see the pics of the new chickens!  And, I love the cat pictures too!  Have a grand time in Germany and I will look forward to more pics when you return!

be well,

tellsg said...

Oh that Merlin one has been here before, what a really cute cat!!  I used to love our eggs ... maybe one day we'll have our own chickens again.  I hope you have a great time in Germany and look forward to seeing the photos of your grand daughter when you get back.  Hugs, Tells x

psychfun said...

Those kitties are sooo sweet. So what is that train thing in the water? I never saw something like that.


My New One:

gazker said...

Hellooooooo, You were on my alerts once, but like everything with AOHELL, I lost ya and a few others too. I love the pics of the narrow boats, we actualy used to have one, it was only small, but was designed to our spec and we loved it. We had to get rid of it when we bought our house in Spain.
You are now back on my alerts.
Gaz ;-)

acoward15 said...

You must be back by now. How about the Germany pictures?

dizarra said...

I just stumbled upon your journal, and like it very much! Great pictures too; I'm
from the US, New Jersey to be exact, and I've never seen  narrow boat, or a
canal made out of bricks, love that shot! And the cats, look at Merlins eyes-
beauitful; you should be back by now, if not soon; can't wait till you post those pictures; stop by my journal when you get a chance. ~Diane~ http://journals.aol.com/dizarra/StorysFromtheCityTalesFromtheSea/

rosas831 said...


princesssaurora said...

Are you still gone... missing you!!!!!!

be well,

ticklatowers said...

I thought eggs came from the Cadbury's factory.